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Generate Faces Instantly With AI

Easily create artistic or realistic portraits of non-existant people using our AI Face Generator.

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My mind is blown by NightCafe and I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the work it generates!

— @TheNamesClove
AI Generated Face

AI Face Generator

Generate Faces From Text With AI

NightCafe's AI face generator generates faces from text prompts and/or existing images. Our face generator algorithm was trained by viewing millions of image and text pairs from the internet. From that data, it's learned to generate faces based on a text description.

Enter a text prompt like "CEO", "Beautiful woman" or "Sumo wrestler", then choose one of the portrait-oriented preset styles, like "Artistic Portrait", "B&W Portrait" or "Color Portrait", then click "Create" and wait for your face to generate. You can even generate multiple faces at once!

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Create Faces for Any Use

Aside from creating social media profiles, these fake faces are ideal for many other applications, including online marketing, digital art, etc. We do ask that you don't use our software to create "deep fakes" or for other nefarious uses.

The most common use of our software is - fun! Try generating a face from a text prompt, and you might find that you enjoy it. Our generator is actually general (it doesn't only generate faces), so you can also try generating an image of a dog, a castle, a fantasy landscape, or anything that comes to your mind.

Fake Face Generator

Profile Picture Generator

Get Social With Our AI Face Generator

Synthetic faces generated using artificial intelligence have taken over the internet, with social media users using them to generate plausible content. These faces are also ideal for people who don't want to show their real faces on social media for different reasons. As long as you're not using fake images for nefarious reasons like online scams, attacks, or propaganda, no law stops you from using a fake face on your social media pages.


No coding required, and takes seconds to learn. Type a text prompt then set the face generator algorithm parameters with a few clicks.


Create fake faces from text using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. View and manage your fake profile pictures from anywhere.

Free tier

Unlimited free base Stable Diffusion creations. Download free or paid portraits without watermarks!

Thank you for the amazing work. I'm LOVING it, specially now that I figured my "style".

— u/DadHunter22 on Reddit
AI Portrait Generator

Generate Artistic Portraits

Use AI to help your creativity

Our generator will improve your creativity and accuracy, especially if you're creating images for commercial purposes. Please note that the quality of your AI photos will also depend on the type of fake face generator you choose. With so many face generator applications now available in the market, you need to choose yours carefully. With the right AI face generator application, you can turn simple words into a plausible face of a person that doesn't exist. Graphic designers have found face generator apps quite useful, especially those who have trouble finding concepts and inspiration for complex projects.

Fortunately, an AI face generator reduces the risk of copyright, allowing you to generate AI photos without any prior experience in digital art. Of course, it's important to find an AI image generator that offers all the essential tools and functions that suit your image generation needs. With an AI image generator like NightCafe, you can easily generate photos, including faces, from text prompts. Our art generator also offers several unique styles and creative designs to help you generate versatile AI photos.

Profile Picture Generator

Social Media Content

Generate Profile Pictures

The growing popularity of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat has led to the emergence of advanced technologies designed to enable social media users to create excellent content with ease. One of these discoveries is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate faces. With an AI face generator, you can generate fake faces that look a lot like the real ones.

These deep fakes have become so common that some people struggle to distinguish them from actual faces. Studies show that people trust AI-generated faces more than genuine faces. So, if you want to grow your online following by creating believable content, you should consider using an AI face-generation tool.

FAQs about our AI Face Generator

🎨 How does the AI Face Generator work?

Our AI face generator creates faces and other images through a machine learning process called "diffusion". A neural network is trained by removing 'noise' from an image through a series of steps until it arrives at the desired image. Once trained, the neural network can generate new images from a text prompt.

⏱️ Can I use NightCafe Face Generator for free?

NightCafe Creator allows you to generate images for free. Once you sign up, you'll get 5 free credits to help you generate images for free. Because this program is easy to use, you can generate up to 4 high-quality images with a single credit.

🤖 Can I use AI-generated faces for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use your AI-generated faces for commercial purposes like marketing or as part of your digital artwork. However, you shouldn't use your fake faces to scam people online.

⚡️ Can AI really generate human faces?

Although some AI photos may appear abnormal and fake when you analyze them keenly, most of them can't be distinguished from genuine photos or human-created artworks. Most AI deep-learning programs are capable of generating human faces that appear virtually identical to the real ones.

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