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AI Avatar Generator:
Create Custom Avatars With AI

Unleash your creativity with a fine-tuned AI image generation model that can create images of YOU in any style, environment and scenario.

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How to Create AI Avatars

Start creating AI avatars in a few simple steps

Step 1. Upload

Upload 20 or more images of yourself for the AI to train on.

Step 2. Wait

...for 10-20 minutes while the AI learns to generate your face.

Step 3. Create

Use your custom AI model to generate as many AI avatars as you like.

Get Started

Use preset styles or write your own prompts

50+ presets developed by our prompt engineers

Generate your face

Create AI Generated Avatars

NightCafe Avatar Generator allows you to create a unique AI avatar that captures your personality and imagination. Choose from anime, cartoon, realistic, sci-fi, and any other styles to design an avatar that represents the real you or an invented persona. Or get even more creative and put yourself in imaginary environments and scenarios.

Quick and Easy Avatar Creation

Upload photos of yourself to teach our AI what you look like. Once your custom AI model is ready, you can use it to generate images just like any other AI image generator — except this one is customized for YOU!

Showcase Your NightCafe Avatar Anywhere

Use your custom NightCafe avatar on social media, gaming profiles, virtual meetings, and anywhere you want to stand out. Our generator creates avatars in resolutions and ratios ideal for most platforms.

This is the most fun I've had on the internet in a long long time

— u/DocJawbone on Reddit

A thriving community of avatar creators

Join our growing community of avatar enthusiasts to get inspired, collaborate, and share your avatars. Check out what others have created and show off your own NightCafe avatars.

Join our AI Art community on Discord, or simply scroll through the latest creations and leave a supportive comment on your favourites.

Latest Creations
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Make your Social Media Stand Out

Breathe life into your social media profiles with a NightCafe avatar. Use customized avatars as profile pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Give a creative touch to your online presence while keeping your privacy intact.

Enhance Your Professional Branding

Create a consistent and memorable personal brand across platforms such as LinkedIn, email signatures, or your personal website. A unique avatar adds a touch of personality, setting you apart from the crowd.

This is fascinating and incredible stuff. I have so much fun with generative art tools, and this is next level!

— @makeanything

AI Avatar Generator FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about AI Avatar Generation on NightCafe

How long does it take to fine-tune a model on my face?

It generally takes between 10 minutes and half an hour.

How many images do I need to upload?

You can start with as few as 20 images, but in general more images is better as long as they're diverse.

Is it free to create AI avatars?

If you're not a NightCafe PRO user, you can train one <em>face</em> model for free and then use it to generate 10 images for free. Once you've generated 10 images, you'll need to upgrade to NightCafe PRO to continue to use the model.

How many models can I train?

As a NightCafe PRO user, your plan comes with a set number of free fine-tuning runs every month. Once you've used up your monthly free runs, you can use credits to create more models if you wish.

How do I use my model once it's ready?

Your fine-tuned model will be available in the "Model" picker inside NightCafe Studio. You can also tap "Use this model" from the "My Models" page. Once you've selected a model, you need to include the model "token" in your prompt. There are instructions on how to do this directly underneath the prompt field.

Can other people use my model?

No. In the future, we may make it possible for you to publish your model so that other people can use it, but for now your model is private to you. Creations that use fine-tuned models cannot be duplicated by other users.

Can I use multiple fine-tuned models in a single creation?

Technically, yes. However, while fine-tuning is in BETA, it may not always work well. We've found that in some cases, one model dominates and the other one doesn't have much of an effect. We hope to improve this before fine-tuning is out of BETA.

What is an AI avatar?

An AI avatar is a computer-generated human image. It represents the person in a digital setting. This avatar is generated using an artificial intelligence tool like NightCafe Creator.

How do I get the best results for my AI avatar?

The easiest way to generate high-quality and realistic AI avatars is to upload as many images of your face as possible captured from different angles, different lighting conditions and with different facial expressions.

Are different art styles available for my AI avatar?

NightCafe is known for its wide variety of art styles that allow its users to generate their desired avatars immediately. So, you can rest assured you'll be able to find your desired art style.

Can I use someone else's images to train an AI avatar model?

No, you can't use other people's images to train your AI avatar model. Most AI avatar models have very strict usage guidelines that prohibit their users from using other people's images without their consent.

So, if you really want to use someone else's images to train your AI model, you have to seek explicit consent from them. This requirement is essential when the images have commercial implications and might affect the owner's reputation.

Can I delete trained models from NightCafe if I no longer wish to use them?

Yes, you can permanently delete your trained models from NightCafe if they've run their full course and you have no more use for them. You can also delete the training data sets.

Will you use my data to train other AI avatar generators?

NightCafe doesn't use its users' data to train other AI avatar generators. So, you can generate your avatars using your images knowing that your personal data is safe. No other user can access your data and use it to train their AI models and other AI generators.

How can I report bugs or problems with the training process or avatar generation?

NightCafe recently launched a platform called the 'NightCafe Knowledge Base' where you can find answers to all the questions you have about the AI image generator. It also has a feedback form through which you can report all the bugs and problems you encounter when using this AI tool.

If you need quick answers to your queries, use the Community Support chat rooms to reach out to members who are knowledgeable about NightCafe. You're assured of getting fast and useful answers to your questions when you post them in these chat rooms.

Do I need to obtain permission or give credit to the platform for commercial use of the avatars?

NightCafe allows you to use this AI tool however you wish, provided that you don't use it to generate copyright-restricted images. The company transfers its copyright ownership to you as the creator when you sign up on the platform, especially in jurisdictions where it's considered the sole copyright holder of the platform.

So, you don't need to seek permission or give NightCafe credit for the products you create with this tool for commercial or personal use.

Text-To-Image AI Art

Unleash Your Creativity with Digital Art

For digital artists and designers, NightCafe Avatar Generator can be a new tool in your arsenal. Create a series of eye-catching avatars for your digital art project, or experiment with different styles and features.

Cheers to you, this awesome platform, and this incredible community. A heck ton of good days ahead.

— @shootwhatsmyname

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