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Hello friends! Over time, I've created a large number of artworks, many of which have remained unseen. I believe it's time to change that. I've decided to release a select few pieces for a limited period. These are creations that might not have been seen otherwise. Additionally, I've added a collection of other works to the “Outtakes” section of the Vault (

). If you're curious, please feel free to explore these at your convenience. I will not be sending out regular notifications for these releases to avoid overwhelming your inbox. As an artist, it’s important for me to move forward with my current work, but not without acknowledging the journey that led me here. If even one of these previously unseen pieces connects with you, it would mean a great deal to me. :)

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When your age is counted in four digits, the generations go by like afternoons…still, I remember when I was thirty, and all of my friends had children, and I had none. I wanted someone to whom I could pass down what I had learned, so I spent time with my cousin Seth’s children, who were still quite young, and when I had the chance, I tried to mold them into little Qs. I remember when I was fifty, and all of my friends had grandchildren, and I had none. I went about, spoiling all the children of the village, and I became Granny Q, even though I looked the same as when I was thirty. I left that village when I was not quite a hundred years old, six years after my husband died. I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing left for me. Maybe, if I’d been older and wiser, I may have noticed one of the small children getting in a great deal of trouble, because she had painted her face pale and painted her hair a bright shade of purple.

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The girl with purple hair, was that little Q? 🥹🥹

She was one little Q. Perhaps the village was full of little Qs. Perhaps one day, my sister will tell me that they had a Q Party in the square, and I was so busy weeping into my blankets at home that I didn’t notice.



So nice. Remembering my young days with my gran'pa. Damn I miss him!

I miss mine as well :( and my granny, she did in April of this year

What a lovely heartwarming piece 😊

Thank you Hails ❤️

Appreciate it, thank you 🙏

Thank you Luciana 😊

this style is beautiful and it has a very sweet feel<3

Thank you cookie ❤️❤️

Thanks Joelle ❤️❤️

An amazing creation!!

Thank you again!

THanks again Kim!

Thank you Lis!

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"grandson and grandfather with white hair holding hands in garden!!!!!! beautiful light!!! backlit!!!”, insanely detailed matte painting with rough paint strokes and textures, by Pino Daeni, Jeremy Mann, Erik Johansson, Alex Maleev, oil on canvas, fine art, super dramatic light, sharp focus"


"frame, framed, cut off, Low Rated, Frame, 3D Render, Plastic, Simplistic, poorly drawn face, mutation, bad anatomy, bad proportions, extra limbs, Liz Gael, out of frame, long neck, unclear, body out of frame, extra limbs, poorly drawn hands"



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