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overgrown and destroyed building
overgrown and destroyed building
a year ago

overgrown and destroyed building

Created a year ago · 104 comments· 0 likes

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Daily Challenge #100:No Theme

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Can't help but think of ‘The Last Of Us’ 👍Congratulations! following

a yearReply

it was last of us inspired so its good you noticed


This has great detail, congratulations 😊


Wow, I wounder who lives there? Or once lived there.

"The Last of Us" inspired + open settings - nice :D congrats

p.s. it doesn't look like you published this yet?

its published now, I didn't know it won until I went on to do the day afters challenge and noticed I won

Replying to: jeyelkay its published now, I didn't kn...

well congratulations!! only issue with not publishing is if it has 3 or more likes before poublishing it won't top the hourly list. just fyi. because usually 700+ likes is more than enough to do that ;D

Replying to: Laura Nadia well congratulations!! only is...

I know but the alternatives was not publishing at all so I'll just try doing it earlier

Replying to: jeyelkay I know but the alternatives wa...

def! no i mean you def should publish it, there's just benefits to doing it right when "new day" happens (at midnight England time) esp if you win ;D

Replying to: Laura Nadia def! no i mean you def should...

true i just never expected to even come close to top 3, thanks for advice

Replying to: jeyelkay true i just never expected to...

hahaha, well congrats, some of it is luck of the draw on who you have voting -- make something decent or funny and you always have a chance of winning!i love to see someone with open prompts win ;D

Replying to: Laura Nadia hahaha, well congrats, some of...

well that's true there was defiantly stuff in top 5% that was better than mine so just got lucky that day

Replying to: jeyelkay well that's true there was def...

right place, right time, right crowd! I think a lot of us are excited about The Last of Us tv series :D and it looks pretty !

Replying to: Laura Nadia right place, right time, right...

gonna watch it when its out fully

Replying to: jeyelkay gonna watch it when its out fu...

smart. it's hard to wait. but also very nostalgic. what tv used to be like lol. also helps you forget a little about weak plots xD

Replying to: Laura Nadia smart. it's hard to wait. but...

ive always binged

Replying to: jeyelkay ive always binged

you must be young then ;D just rewatched GOT and you wouldve had to wait a decade to binge it all then! (well not season by season. but 2 years for the final one!)

Replying to: Laura Nadia you must be young then ;D just...

yes and no i used to binge dvd releases or record the shows and then watch them after they were all recorded

currently top of the week

Beautiful ❤️ Congratulations 🎉👏


Congratulations! this is amazing!😊

Nice one congrats!

The values and the details are dead on. Brilliant! Congrats on the win 🏆

This is beautiful, congrats on winning!

Cool! And congrats. Following...

thanks for following

Fantastic, congrats on the win

wow beautiful congratulations well deserved

Very beautiful! I love the feel of this piece! No mosquitoes right?! Lol

Great image. Congrats on being a daily winner

Congrats … very nice rendering and subject detail.

Love the post-apocalyptic vibe

this is a masterpiece😍😍😍

Looks like a house I would see in resident evil. But it's good. Love it.

this is cool and awesome and bing chilling

Congrats :D Beautiful :)


Beautiful picture in nature 😍

I found this guy named zela123 he is as good as this guy!

wow congradulations im following

did you get this from the game last of us its got that style to it i like it

i did get the style from the last of us

Love this, amazing!

green and mysterious

dark forest house

Beautiful imagination and creation. Congratulations

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