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Enough time for love
Enough time for love
a year ago

Enough time for love

Created a year ago Β· 104 commentsΒ· 0 likes

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Daily Challenge #62:Time

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Please dhelp me to understand why is this the vinner?

a yearReply

Agreed the others are 10 times better plus there wasn't even a choice made this is still a collage

I agree this is not as good as the rest, Plus you cant submit 4 pictures - its unfair!

Replying to: Beautiful-Fallen-Angel I agree this is not as good as...

There's nothing to say you can't, but a lot of voters (myself included) say they give lowest marks for a 4-panel entry. That being the case, a much higher percentage of positive votes is needed in order to achieve a win, so congratulations!

Replying to: PhoenixGlass I don’t know either

These are all very nice and I get that this is 1st place, but next time don't post 4 pictures. If someone likes one they will put a good rating. But still it is very good

and would be nice to Upscale your favorite one, that helps to see what you see πŸ˜‰

Replying to: Beautiful-Fallen-Angel I agree this is not as good as...

Nobody told me that I can’t.

Replying to: Juan Orff There's nothing to say you can...

Well, guess I won a lottery here) Thank you for kind words.

Replying to: PhoenixGlass Once I figure how to do it)
  • 1st eye shaped icon = set as main image (will show only that in contest)
  • 4th ❖ icon to Upscale the image
Replying to: Juan Orff There's nothing to say you can...

Same, and I will continue to give lowest when I come across them, lol.

I don’t know either

Replying to: Szeklerland and would be nice to Upscale y...

Once I figure how to do it)

Replying to: Szeklerland - 1st eye shaped icon = set as...

On the artwork page, below the Output Images you can press the dots next to the image and Publish separatelly But the DNS icon is the best πŸ₯°

Replying to: PhoenixGlass Once I figure how to do it)

You have picked only one on other sets on your page?

you could have at least decided for one of the four pictures ^^

I had no idea what I was doing

every single one of these pics are great! don't get me wrong, but a full collage as a winner? not ur fault but it' weird. congratulations anyway!

Well, I wasn’t expecting to win anything so I just did it for fun. Besides, there is no rule against that. Thank you)

Usually 4 panel pics gets a low vote. Well done!

Well, I didn’t know that but I’m glad that people liked it)

The rest of us submit 1 picture and you submit 4 and win> WTF?

Nobody said you can’t do that

wow! congrats on first place!!


Congratulations. following

How? You submitted four pieces and came first. Your lucky you didn't get my vote. Great work, if you look at them one by one.

Glad that you like it)

Congratulations! I can see why you won.



Thanks) I love classics

Congrats - very clever!

Congratulations - this is great

AMAZING! Btw, I love the title.

Lol, I’m glad)

Congratulations! Amazing work πŸ–€πŸ˜ following

Thank you) I’m touched)

Nice! Congrats! And thanks for sharing the prompt

Lovely. Congratulations on your win πŸ’œ

Congratualtions on the win, you have some amazing pieces

Glad that you like it)

Congratulations :) Beautiful!



Congrats on coming first! πŸ₯³

I had some time to kill)))

Congrats! This is AWESOME! πŸ”πŸ₯‡

Happy that you like it)

Cool ! congrats on first place

Good job man, or woman, idk.πŸ‘

Congrats on first!! ❀️


the first gallery to ever win

I'm amused myself really

Amazing! Congrats on winning!

Time is pouring. Wow! Great!

had some time to kill)))

Glad that you like it)

Congratulations!!! ;-)

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Stable Diffusion 1.5

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Enough time for love

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