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Rain poured like sadness, washing away the colors of the world.
Rain poured like sadness, washing away the colors of the world.
5 months ago

Rain poured like sadness, washing away the colors of the world.

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"Enter a world where nature mirrors emotion, as rain pours like sadness, washing away the colors of the world. Each droplet, a melancholic tear from the sky, descends upon the earth, casting a veil of somber reflection. The once vibrant hues fade into shades of gray, as if nature itself mourns alongside us. Yet, within this seemingly desolate landscape, there is beauty to be found in the delicate dance of raindrops and the melancholy melody of falling rain. Join me as we delve into the poetic embrace of the storm, where sadness intertwines with the elements, and nature becomes a canvas for the complexities of human emotion."

5 monthsReply

Speaking writer to writer: well done! Good job on your emotional portrait.

Sincerely, Macbeth Raymondovich

"Your creativity is a gift that keeps on giving."

Replying to: Witchyluck Wow.!

"Enter a world where nature mirrors emotion, as rain pours like sadness, washing away the colors of the world. Each drop, a tear from the sky, falls with solemn grace, painting a portrait of melancholy upon the canvas of existence. In this ethereal landscape, the vibrant hues of life are muted by the gentle cascade, and the atmosphere becomes heavy with the weight of sorrow. Yet amidst the downpour, there lies a quiet beauty—a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of emotion and the cathartic release found in tears. Join us as we navigate the stormy seas of emotion, exploring the transformative power of rain as it washes away the old, making way for the renewal that follows every tempest."

Replying to: Devyn the Devine I just followed you. Felt this...

Thank you for the follow! I'm thrilled to hear that my words resonated with you on a soulful level.



I just followed you. Felt this in my soul.


@Ramaamar This is soo sweet, thank you! I really appreciate that you put your time into writing this 💕

Very stylish, the monochromatic color scheme was a great choice.

Beautiful anime lines!

A good title can accentuate good art; well done in both regards.

She let the rain soak into her thoughts as she stared up at the high-rise, toward the brightly lit penthouse window. The blade strapped to her back trembled in anticipation, and she sighed grimly at the knowledge that it would soon drink.

Amazing !!! Love this style !!

A fantastic creation. Following.

Excellent, amazing, wonderful, magical work

"Here comes the rain again"

Simplicity but nice! I love it.

this was my reaction to matpats goodbye video

Now that's an atmospheric picture 👍

Legit amazing! Love the emotion in this

This one is awesome! You can feel the sadness

Very intense portrait 😎

Oh my gosh midnight! What an awesome piece!

Absolutely incredible!!❤️

This piece is a visual feast for the eyes – so much to explore!

Evocative! Good work

"Evocative..." I concur.

To quote a famous song by the late great Michael Jackson himself, "I was wandering in the rain, Mask of life, feelin' insane Swift and sudden fall from grace Sunny days seem far away, Then a beggar boy called my name Happy days will drown the pain, On and on and on it came Wish the rain would just let me. How does it feel, when you're alone and you're cold inside, like a Stranger in Moscow? Lord have mercy. We're talking danger, I'm living lonely."

Imaginative - makes me wonder what she is looking at

Not sure, this quote may make sense, "Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too." - Tahereh Mafi, "Shatter Me", I think she's looking at the clouds... yk It rains when a cloud cries

Love it, I can almost feel the rain

Gorgeous. I love the detailed black and white comic book style.


When I glanced at this, at first, it looked like Alice from the Twilight Saga.

I’m getting Crow vibes!! Goosebumps!!!

so nice. can you check out my page?

Beautiful art piece! Brilliant work

Breathtaking I feel the energy in this

Nice one! 👏

Following. Very cool

Well done Mid!!! :clap

Well done Mid!!! :clap

Great composition!! Following


Go to the empire state and watch the city lights Hear the noise of millions struggle in the sprawl Stare into the sky we're few and far between Black eyes full of stars wide with memories

Replying to: Midnight Maiden Yess!

Covenant _ Like Tears in the Rain.. .check out on YouTube

Love this style 🤘 so cool

Stunning portrait 🖤

Beautiful composition.

well done I like your stuff, following for more!

This is powerful. Love it.

Great hair, even in the rain

A very emotive and stylish piece!

Marvellous. You can see that as a full page special in a graphic novel.

I feel this!!! Awesome job!!!

Wonderful work, incredible! 👍

This piece is magnificent!

Wow this is so emotional!🖤😊

awesome image and definitely worthy of a FOLLOW!

Reminds me of Iris from FFXV

Damn rain. :-) very good

Sounds like the lyrics to a song, or passage from a novel.

oh yes lol, it is "Rain poured like sadness, washing away the colors of the world." - Lang Leav, from the book "Sad Girls", I chose this title from many options, and book quotes and I feel like I have to make more creations with each one of them because they're all great.

Replying to: Midnight Maiden oh yes lol, it is "Rain poure...

Anything lyrical (song, poem, book passage) is cool for prompts. Many try it with excellent results. Add a few appropriate emojis too.

This amazing.. it makes me feel emotional.

Wow this is beautiful

Beautiful...Every detail of it!

Belle intensité ! Très beau jeu de lumière.

Love the style, the emotions, and the title! Wow.. just wow!

Love the style, the emotions, and the title! Wow.. just wow!

This looks and feels Iconic!

just be happy, easy solution

"Love the way you lie"

What a majesty ❤️

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships off the shoulder of Orion. Ive watched sea beams glittering off of Tannhauser Gate... all those moments will he lost in time like... tears in rain. Time to die."

Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty, Blade Runner.

This actually made me feel something.

depressing quote, i love it 😄