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Midjourney: Beach Volleybelle
Midjourney: Beach Volleybelle
a year ago

Midjourney: Beach Volleybelle

Created a year ago · 25 comments· 0 likes

Style Transfer1 Style29.1x


Source Note: I post my Midjourney creations because I love sharing my AI art with this community as NightCafe is intended to be a showcase for all AI art, regardless of the generator used. It truly is the best community on the internet.

I use the following settings for style transfers: 1. upload the same image as the "Input Image" and the "Style 1" image, 2. Use colours from input image, 3. Sharpen, 4. Content weight: 100%, 5. Fidelity: 50%, 6. Smoothing: 0%, 7. High Res; 8. after creating I enhance to max size. It costs 13 credits but it has near perfect fidelity.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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So beautiful.

a yearReply

Thank you, Kohen!!

Much appreciated, sweet Rosie.

Thank you, Foxy!

🪙 1

Mormookie I love seeing your creations — always make me think of new ways to leverage the tools in place and you inspire on all sorts of topics I didn’t think of on my own. Thank you!

Thanks so much, Bats!! That means a lot to me.

Replying to: Mormookiee Thanks so much, Bats!! That me...

Of course! The NC community is fantastic because of you and accounts like you!

this looks like a oil panting but in a computer

AI technology is awesome!

🪙 1

i love this so much!!!

Wow this is awesome

Beyond my physical comprehension of reality!!! TRULY AMAZED!!!

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Image uploaded by user

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Preset: Image uploaded by user

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