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I do love the fall

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This is beautiful! 😍

2 yearsReply

Thank you so much❤️

Thanks Zagi!!

this is game material right here 😀👍

It does have a farcry appeal to it😝

looks more like an indie game but sure it does kinda


Oh wow, incredible! The reflections in the water are so beautiful!

One of the best ive seen 😅😀

Just incredible 😍

Thanks mate!


Thank you so much!

Thanks ❤️

This is beautiful <3

Thanks ❤️

Gorgeous! 🧡❤️


That's a beautiful sight, actually quite closely resembling a place where I tend to sail

Wow! Really?! Can i Ask where?

Replying to: Kenmyh Wow! Really?! Can i Ask where?

Yes, in the Netherlands, at the Kagerplassen, there is a part that edges on a very nice park and in this season, the park takes on these colours.


Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

So pretty and peaceful 😊

Thanks ❤️

Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

Thank you so mych❤️

Hey thanks for liking and commenting and honestly I think your work is better than mine

Super beautiful painting, it will look great in room on the wall 👍😍

This is beautiful!


Thank you so much❤️❤️

Love the colors…beautiful

Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

You’re really talented!!🔥🔥

Peaceful landscape 😍😍😍

Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

Its like fall and fall is my favorite season

Thanks ❤️


Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

Thank you 🤩

So pretty and serene, I would love to go take stroll there

Calm nature is very beautiful!


awesome! reminds me of a painting my grandma has in her room

really like your landscapes. they got an inspired touch!

Wow wow really beautiful!!

Love the color palette!

I really love it man ! ❤️

Gorgeous interpretation 🖤

Very cool work! Keep creating!

Thanks Brian! I apprechiat it❤️

Love the feel of this!

Wow! I love the reflections on the water and the mixture of dead trees with fall colors!

Lucky strike🤩

Of cours!!! Thank you for your support 🤩

Great stuff! I love the work!

Exquisitely beautiful!

Wow! Beautiful 😊

I love forest landscapes

Autumn is my favorite time of year

🪙 1

Wow! I scrolled down and I liked everything so far! You are rightfully rising on this plattform!

These all feel cool! ☺️

Your sceneries are so coherent


Thank you 🙏. You're are is awesome...

Got a follow, looks awesome!

is that godzilla in the background?

This reminds me of the city-outskirts of certain RPG's, like Riften

this is gorgeousss

Wow!!! I wish this was on my wall!

Beautiful, so peaceful !

Truly awe inspiring mate.

The adjustment of the colours are amazing

The reflection there is stunning!

Just keep up the cool artwork. I love it <3


Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!❤️


Thanks mate!! Thanks for commenting!

This is extraordinary!

I would love to see a fight scene in this.

Love the water reflections!

This is extra. Excellent light, excellent reflection, excellent color. Did you use the modifier Impressionism? Whatever it was, this is really, really good!

Stunning, I love this 😍

Your stuff is amazing!!!


Wow this is INSANE! So lit! 🔥🔥🔥

beautiful, and so tranquil!.


Amazing 🤩 Check mine too. I had love suggestions

This is beautifully tranquil.

what the minecraft birch forest shouldve looked like...

Love this. Following

Top 5 place to go for thanksgiving

Ur creations are truly amazing.... keep it up....

ma allora scopami

Gives me kind of a 'Calvin and Hobbes' comic style vibe, especially with the trees

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