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Would you live here?
Would you live here?
2 years ago

Would you live here?

Created 2 years ago Β· 102 commentsΒ· 0 likes


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Beautiful Bryan! ❀️

2 yearsReply

Thank you very much WaveArt, I appreciate the comment!

love this one B! youre on πŸ”₯!!

Beautiful place, but one wrong step! Thanks for the comment!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Beautiful place, but one wrong...


I don’t think I would… awesome work.

It's beautiful, but i wouldn't either, thanks for the comment!

Really appreciate the comment!

Gorgeous! But I have a fear of heights!

Same her, lol, Appreciate the comment!


Super appreciate the comment, Fashion!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Super appreciate the comment,...

It's beautiful but I won't πŸ˜…

Right there with you, Amellez, thanks for the comment!

Thank you very much for your comment!

Beautiful, but no thank you! πŸ˜†πŸ˜›πŸ˜†πŸ˜›

I don't like heights at all, lol! Thanks for the comment!

Replying to: Bryan_Price I don't like heights at all, l...


I'd live there if they have WiFi lol

You're a braver man than me, lol, thanks for the comment!

I really appreciate your comment, Pure!

Thank you so much for your comment, it is appreciated!

Thanks, Giorgis, super appreciate your comment!

Wow stunning!🀩

I really appreciate your wonderful comment!


Super appreciate the kind emote, Bean!


Literally! Thanks for the comment, Elsher!

Yes I absolutely would. The beauty is work the danger

Not for me, lol, thanks for the comment!

I love it so much ! Breathtaking views ... !!!

But deadly! thanks for your comment, Stinger!

Nooooo! Thanks for the comment!

It is a beautiful place, but I would not live, maybe I could spend a weekend thereπŸ”₯

This is more the way my mind works! Thanks for the comment!

Right there with you on that thought! Thanks for the comment!

amazing! i’d definitely fall off the edge though haha

Looks like a permanent solution to the temporary problem of living! Thanks for the comment!

Would definitely stay for a few days!

Very few, like 2, and never leave my room! Thanks for the comment!

Whether that be minutes or years! Thanks for the comment!

Absolutely! High in the trees!

Yes, lol, but at the expense of what part of your lifespan! Thanks for the comment!

Tomorrow I'm in! πŸ’š

And with extraordinary luck you might even survive a few years! Thanks for the comment!

Replying to: Bryan_Price And with extraordinary luck yo...

With my parachute I'm good for longer than that!

This is lovely! 😁

Yes, it is in a deadly, murderous sort of way! thanks for the comment!

I love it from this perspective!

Definitely interesting, lol, thanks for your comment, SeaHag!

Really appreciate your comment, Terrylyn!

This is so awesome!

Thanks for your comment, Jeff, I appreciate it!

Im hosting an event on my latest creation.

Cast your votes on what I should creat next. Winner gets their name put in the description

Btw, yes I would live their.

Thank you for your comment, Tazzy!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Thank you for your comment, Ta...

Thank you for a really awesome picture!

Thanks for commenting, it is appreciated!

This is my dream house!

Dream house and horror house are just one biggg drop away! Thanks for the comment!

The drones need to be able to come in the window, because I doubt, I am going outside! Thanks for the comment!

thats an elven forest i imagine

Oh yes! Thanks for your comment, Ninja!

Thanks for your comment, K-KAT!

really appreciate the comment, Anikasu!

Thank you for commenting, Bapol!

Honestly! It would be pretty impressive to see it built! Thanks for the comment!


Thanks for your comment!

Replying to: Bryan_Price Thanks for your comment!

I would live there 😍

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