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The Milky Way Meowlaxy
The Milky Way Meowlaxy

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3 months ago

The Milky Way Meowlaxy

Created 3 months ago · 101 comments· 776 likes

DALL·E 2Thumb 15.6x

I bet it tastes good.

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"Cat next to food bowl containing a galaxy inside of it, digital art"


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Anonymous User


3 monthsReply

Thank you, Raven!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Thank you, Raven!

♡⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♡

Lookin for the future

He knows, man. HE KNOWS.

Thank you, Snowball!

"This milk makes my tongue tingle!"

This is so adorable 🥰

Thank you so much!

what does receive mean on my profile

Not sure I understand your question.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Not sure I understand your que...

ok like when your on your profile next to how many likes it says you have it also says how many you have received and I don't know what that means

Replying to: Pixie stick ok like when your on your prof...

Ah, I see. That is how many Likes YOU have been given.

imagine if rn a cat is just slurping away at our galaxy and thats why so many stars blow up, bc they were slurped away.

Hey, makes sense to me! :D

the reason our galaxy is always expanding lol

Thank you very much, Clash!

This is so cute! Love the detail and fantasticalness

Thanks, as always, my friend!

Thank you very much, Elshinawy!

Hopefully he's not taking a catnap.

Thank you, Jo!

actually, most cats are lactose intolerant, meaning they will likely vom up all the milk that they eat.

And that's how new galaxies are created.

cat won't eat it unless it's meat or milk

Haha. Fair enough. :D

A potion for safe space-travelling.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee HAHAHA

With no doubt, I would take it. ;)

The cat looks like the one cat from Stray

I need to play that still.

Thank you so much, Michael!

Thanks mi amigo!

Thank you so much, my supportive noble friend!

Replying to: Knightfall1972 You're welcome! Cheers!

Have a great day, Knight!

Thank you, Brad!

Uh oh! Don't do it kitty! Love this Mormonwookiee 🙂

He appreciates the warning! Thanks Mel!

🪙 1

Cutest thing ever. I seriously love this!

Well, that is super kind of you to say! Thank you.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Well, that is super kind of yo...

You're welcome. I followed so hopefully you can continue making these masterpieces!

Replying to: Angel Artist Raven You're welcome. I followed so...

I sure will! Thanks again.

Love it! Excellent name too!

Thank you very much, Mrawwr!

Lol the AI just decided to make a dog for one

Right?! Silly AI!

I think that's just a black oriental shorthair...

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Right?! Silly AI!

Silly Mormonwookiee there's no dog 🤣

Oriental shorthairs look different, sure, and I admit that it does look a bit like a begging puppy but it's just another breed of cat.

Replying to: Gandowlf I think that's just a black or...

looking closer, I think you're right!

Hehe, yup! It is easily mistakable 😸

Only one way to find out 👅

:D Catastrophe!

Thanks a bunch!

🎵 "The alien - sitting in the tree, thinking about how it's supposed to be, while roaming around - it signifies, the signal of hope doesn't have a deadline, it's wonderful - in and of itself, the beauty of the beast lingers from the chest, it's the heart of the purpose that living things need - regardless if it's alien or not, it's a thing" 🎵 Good or bad song?

In the context of an alien, but this is the closest creation to a typical alien that i could find here, so hope it makes sense, i think the song is good and a little funky, 😹🤔

Replying to: Mormonwookiee I love it!!!

Thanks so much! Should i write a part 2 of this?

Replying to: Mormonwookiee I love it!!!

Btw, I have a whole collection of these "song creations" that i have made an image for as well, so if you want to, then check my collection her: /collection/aP7Ljrjl2MDUfBxpJfvo

I love this creation 🤩👌👍💖

Thank you so much, Zero!

That looks like the cat in the shrek movie

LOL! Puss in Boots!

🪙 1

True dat, man.

Replying to: Mormookiee True dat, man.

Ooohhhh you are the master of puns!

Thanks so much, RJ!

Bless you, KC!

Thanks my friend!


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