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Midjourney v4: Souperman
Midjourney v4: Souperman
a year ago

Midjourney v4: Souperman

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Style Transfer1 Style29.1x


Source Note: I post my Midjourney creations because I love sharing my AI art with this community as NightCafe is intended to be a showcase for all AI art, regardless of the generator used. It truly is the best community on the internet.

I use the following settings for style transfers: 1. upload the same image as the "Input Image" and the "Style 1" image, 2. Use colours from input image, 3. Sharpen, 4. Content weight: 100%, 5. Fidelity: 50%, 6. Smoothing: 0%, 7. High Res; 8. after creating I enhance to max size. It costs 13 credits but it has near perfect fidelity.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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is it stew? is it soup? NO! its SOUPERMAN!

a yearReply
Replying to: Plix Bruh

what? it was kinda hard to resist, have a problem talk with Souperman

πŸͺ™ 1

Great work !!!



I love this! But one question: What does Midjourney mean?

Replying to: Darkscape in my brain Its another ai generator

Oh.... Thanks!

Send noods 🍜

Bonne creation les couleurs sont belle il y a de jolie detail lespace de creation et bien remplie une creztion fluide j'aime et je partage


detailed bottle of red wine gold label, on a wooden table with beautiful bunches of red grapes, gorgeous patio with vines hanging from thr r...

thanks for sharing tips on transferring.

Really Dazzling, Great Stuff my Friend...

Hi there, could you make a Goitered gazelle Wearing golden Armor ? I need it to be photorealistic, but couldn't do it.

Ah yesss love soup! Even on a kryptonite day πŸ˜† Good one - loved!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

"Soup"erman, stop it Mormookiee xD

lolololol I didn't even need to see the title to know it was you, and what it would be called. XD Love this.

Arrhhh, arrhhh... Too hot for me!!!... Too hot!!!πŸ”₯

His grip is too strong for those chopsticks, lol! Great piece Mormookiee!

It looks like he is blowing on the soup to cool it off, but he's superman! He should be able to take the heat?

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