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Matilda is one of the greatest heroes in all of literature
Matilda is one of the greatest heroes in all of literature

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17 days ago

Matilda is one of the greatest heroes in all of literature

Created 18 days ago Β· 74 commentsΒ· 317 likesΒ·πŸͺ™ 2

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Source Note: I use style transfer to publish my Midjourney creations because I love sharing all of my AI art with the wonderful NightCafe community, regardless of the generator used to create them. This community is the absolute best on the internet!

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Anonymous User

Anyone who has ever been a child needs to read this book and watch this movie.

17 daysReply

Highly agree I read the book in 1st grade and fell in love with roald dahl's books

Replying to: PrinceSidonFanGirl Highly agree I read the book i...


Replying to: PrinceSidonFanGirl Highly agree I read the book i...

He’s a genius!

Replying to: Anonymous User [Deleted]


Replying to: Mormookiee He’s a genius!

did you know Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for a James Bond movie called "You Only Live Twice"?

So cute and beautiful πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Thank you very much!


Much appreciated.


A well done picture! Great composition!

So beautiful, and powerful. Great job.

Thanks so much, my friend.

πŸͺ™ 1

Very Nice sir


Just like youtiful!

wonderful, as always my friend🦾 keep up the phenomenal work

I love her face. It was a great book for sure.

So detailed, so adorable and so heartwarming ❀❀❀

Thanks Cinny!!

Absolutely beautiful work!

Much appreciated.

Yes! Matilda is so great! The new movie is so good

I love Matilda, book and movie ❀️

She's the best! And Miss Honey too.

I really appreciate it.

Absolutely amazing! 😍

Gracias, my friend.

What is this art style I love it!

Midjourney is amazing!


. Beautiful!! Might give a go to Midjourney.. πŸ–€

You totally should! It's very fun.

How are so many of your creations this good lol ...a little jealous πŸ˜„

very very nice!

Gorgeous πŸ’–

You have the best creations!

Agreed, I think Matilda has a special place in the hearts of everyone that's read the book or even just watched the movies. Great work, the lighting, the composition, it's so lovely!! (P.s. you've got yourself a new follower)

The purity on her face is overwhelming. <3

Super good! πŸ‘Œ

Wow I read/saw Matilda so often when I was younger xD This art is brilliant! :D

Just how I imagined her!

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