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Surreal Stair/Bookcase
Surreal Stair/Bookcase
a year ago

Surreal Stair/Bookcase

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Daily Challenge #55:Stairs

If you use my prompts please give credit or leave prompts open!! I never made these prompts to be closed, so if you copy them don't close them! Thanks πŸ™

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I love this!!

a yearReply

Ohh that is so cool! One of the best I have seen I think!


Thanks! I'll go for it and we'll see how it doesn't tomorrow!

Replying to: Gazelli Told you :D

Glad I listened

But it looks also like a staircase, you know.. πŸ‘€

I honestly love both but I think the book one is super unique. Very different than any other entry I have seen up to this point. However, surreal/artistic entries like these are always a bigger risk in my opinion (that might pay off, but you never know). I think both are amazing choices!

Thanks for the insight! Crossing my fingers that it does well 🀞

Thank you! A few days too late to enter the surrealism challenge lol

This is what I currently have submitted

would you say it's better or worse than the book one

Replying to: Gazelli Told you :D

Thanks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Stunning! Great work!!

Thx you,i evolve this 1 too

Your welcome 🦾


Thank you 🦾

Staircase of Knowledge

Very cool!! 🌟🌟

Thank you very much 😁

You got a pretty awesome staircase there! I love how managed to bring such a nice concept into the challenge!

I felt like the odd one out πŸ˜‚



Thanks πŸ™

Yay top 5% woohoo! Great job πŸ‘Š (still wouldn't hold my weight 😜)

Thank you, Mel 🦾🦾

Wow. Congrats πŸŽ‰

Thanks πŸ™

I'm glad 😊

Very nice and original

Health and safety is concerned

The pursuit of knowledge and credits is worth it

Amazing! Would have deserved a higher rating πŸ‘πŸ»

Thank you 😁

This is very cool! 😍

Wow, it certainly was the best of the challenge!

I appreciate that πŸ™

Thanks πŸ₯³

I'm glad I listened to you!

Oh this is cool

Love it! Such an amazing concept.

This looks like an ancient library from a story

Replying to: Nate A very, very strange story

yep very strange indeed

A very, very strange story

so much to read yet so little time lol love it.

Thank you 😁

To many books I still love it though. amazing

Each book is written in unintelligible AI script

Thank you 😁

Now, that's surrealism! Way to beat melting clocks and upside-down stairs!

open prompt gang taking over please help me get better in this gang

stairway to knowledge

Throwing off some Interstellar vibes for us πŸ’«πŸ˜

Thank you πŸ™

Eye-catching and thought provoking, thanks for sharing the prompt.

Of course, thank you 😁

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"Strange wobbly staircase made of books [[by Salvador Dali]] and Ismail Inceoglu: surrealism: Jeff Koons: Erin Hanson: Joe Fenton: Dan Mumford: professional photography, natural lighting, volumetric lighting maximalist photoillustration 8k resolution concept art intricately detailed, complex, elegant, expansive, fantastical: James Jean"



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