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Surprise Vacation in a crappy old drawer
Surprise Vacation in a crappy old drawer
2 months ago

Surprise Vacation in a crappy old drawer

Created 2 months ago Β· 187 commentsΒ· 0 likes

Crystal Clear XL

Daily Challenge #503:Scenes Within Scenes

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a very good idea and concept that makes a change from usual glass vessels and books ... it will be replicated for sure , but you have the creds 4 thinking about it ...well done and FOLLOWING

2 monthsReply

Thanks! You seen it here first! πŸ˜‰

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks! You seen it here first...

I have indeed ...u could use it for today`s DC ... with a bit of evolve here and there ..GREAT idea ... tc


oh c'est vraiment magnifique!!!

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks!



This is so cool! πŸ–οΈ

Wow! Probably the most unique concept I've seen

incredible idea!

Oh boy! I want one of these desks! Cool, cool, cool!

Replying to: ZenAmoreNC Thanks!



Nice one; definitely fits the challenge

That is a superb idea, and that resulted in a superb pic!

Gorgeous and super unique!

Thanks so much!

This is beautiful ❀️

Nice ideia! Good job!

Really wonderful idea and execution!

Congratulations 🎈

This turned out exceptionally well. Was your prompt complicated? I know I have trouble in my prompts when I'm looking for specific placement.

Here is an example of the picture I have in mind.

Dang keep hitting return..

Replying to: Tekcruzer Here is an example of the pict...

Yeah it took multiple tries and masking

Replying to: Tekcruzer Here is an example of the pict...

also trying that here:

That beach is sure to draw crowds.

LOL - I see what you did there - thanks!

ah, this is magnificent

I want to make that in a real drawer! So cool.

Wow! Great concept and image πŸ†

I want to just crawl in there!

Don't you love it when you start organizing your old drawers and find last year's life?

Very clever. Have a beach vacation all the time!

This is extremely good. I am so impressed!

Surprise, surprise... I like that... I'll follow you.

You are welcome to follow me and comment and like my creations.

Thanks! will follow you

What a great concept!!

Wonderful idea !

Excellent, amazing, wonderful work.

Fabulous design image!!! Great creativity πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

this is a very good idea for ai art

This is awesome 🌟

So Creative! I really love that!

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