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Ghost ships on stygian seas
Ghost ships on stygian seas
4 months ago

Ghost ships on stygian seas

Created 4 months ago · 58 comments

CoherentMediumMedium Res7.8x

◾ Start image taken by me ◾ Concept inspired by @Weresl0th ◾ 5th and 6th prompts by @Sithiis ◾ All other prompts thrown together for this piece

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"A ghost ship, sailing through luminous backlit clouds, high resolution detailed digital art, painting by James Gurney, & Greg Rutkowski. Mysterious stygian seascape by Ivan Aivazovsky made with Blender, old boat with broken sails & rigging"

Weight: 1

"Seascape vista photography by Carr Clifton & Galen Rowell, 16K resolution, Landscape veduta photo by Dustin Lefevre & tdraw, 8k resolution, detailed landscape painting by Ivan Shishkin, DeviantArt, Flickr, rendered in Enscape"

Weight: 0.6

"Misty ocean seascape at night, with tumultuous waves, in a deep ominous fog, famous intricate inky watercolour, by Ivan Aivazovsky and Shawn Coss, rendered in Enscape, photo by Dustin Lefevre, oil on canvas by Dan Witz"

Weight: 0.9

"Elaborate glowing neon old desolate pirate wooden sailboat, by Gustave Dore and Anton Semenov, rendered in CryEngine, 8k resolution, volumetric lighting, acrylic art, cel-shaded digital illustration, by Dan Mumford, shipwrecked"

Weight: 0.8

"A beautifully composed render of a Colossal Ocean Maelstrom by Caspar David Friedrich"

Weight: 1

"Immense Turbulent Ocean Hurricane Maelstrom Tsunami Whirlpool detailed painting 8k resolution deviantart trending on Artstation concept art digital illustration romanticism expressionism"

Weight: 0.5

"eyes, face, figure, hair, human, man, people, person, skin, woman"

Weight: -1

"blown contrast, blur, blurry, bokeh, dirty, noisy, oversharpened, paint flecks, scratches, text, too dark, too sharp, unclear, underexposed, undeveloped, watermark"

Weight: -1

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Anonymous User


4 months agoReply


Wow, nice! It must be refreshing to do something else

You know I don't *only* do landscapes, right? 😂

Here are some of the other things I've made today alone:




Replying to: tdraw_ai_art You know I don't *only* do lan...

No tdraw! You're only allowed to do landscapes 😂

Oh shiii, how do I delete this?

Oh myyyyyyy. So much vibes. The colors are on a whole other level.

Incredible! I bet Ludolf Bakhuizen would love this one! Are you familiar with his sea landscapes and ships in distress? ;)

Well, that's someone I'm about to experiment with!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Well, that's someone I'm about...

You are? LOL! I discovered Nightcafé yesterday. Had no idea that an AI art generator existed. It's a revolution. My mind is melting. Your level of work is terrific.

Looks like mountains of water it's incredible

cheers for that, very nicely done :)

This has got to be one of my favorites!

This feels emotional to me.

I took a photo of a few drops of milk dropped into a swirling glass of water illuminated by bright light going through a blue filter, and then added some words 🙂

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art I took a photo of a few drops...

I never thought that would create this! It really deep.

Thanks! I had the photo for a while, but it never quite did what I wanted until they added more options to fine tune the weights.

Thanks! Appreciate that 🙂🖤

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Thanks! Appreciate that 🙂🖤

Btw I’m new to this, what does tip do?

Replying to: Kdudecrazy Btw I’m new to this, what does...

If you have Pro, It allows you to gift a few of your credits to another creator as an additional way to praise them or say thanks.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art If you have Pro, It allows you...

Oh I wish I had pro. The credits are such a pain to get. But I think I have done well so far. Maybe check out some of my creations? Lmk what you think. Possibly give some feedback?

🪙 1

D: that is just incredible, reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean when they sail off of the world D:

Wow! May I ask why so many separate promts opposed to putting everything into one?

Two main reasons, one being that they wouldn't have all fit in one box, and two that I wanted to set different weights on some of the prompts so they would be more/less obvious in the output.

How do you get that beautiful blue its amazing. Wow

Quick answer: From the start image.

Long answer: From the start image which was captured by taking a photo of a drop of milk flicked into a swirling glass of water, that was lit from the side by a high powered torch shining through a bottle of bright blue liquid in a dark room.

I followed you cause you are amazing. Can you follow me too, please?

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