Me after weed ( i spent 60 credits on this)
2 months ago

Me after weed ( i spent 60 credits on this)

Created 3 months ago · 27 comments


This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


Progress Images

Creation Settings

Text Prompts

"Fight With Kraken Unreal Engine 8K" - weight: 1

Initial Resolution






Video Settings

10s duration, 30 fps, 20 iterations per frame

Animation settings

Zoom: 10%, Rotate: 0%, Pan X: 0%, Pan Y: 0%


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Anonymous User

Hope you can comp your credits back

2 months agoReply

Looks like octopus climbing on to land into the forest cave

Is that Organism 46-B? 😱🦑🐙

Awsome generation!

Worth it... ...I hope.

How do you animate them?


When making a creation choose film

Replying to: Nix Sry video

I had spotted it after I saw yours. Made a short one myself it’s dope

60 credits ? you are the chosen one .

Lol you should have choosen a Picture of you laying Stoned on the Couch and converted it

How can I create a video instead of an image? This is amazing!!


Simple, when You make a creation just slide the switch wchich says „generate a video from your creation”

The Credits Were Worthwhile.

crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked it and am following him

The visuals here represent what's going on in my racing mind when I do occasionally smoke (wicked lightweight). That's an amazing image, I'm new to this so I'm just curious how you did that? Do you keep evolving a creation or something til it costs 60 credits?

I feel sorry for the 60 credits but it seems worth it

Credits well spent! If you're on a budget but want video, I'm finding lowering the iterations between frames makes it much cheaper, as well as reducing the FPS. Can get it down to just two credits at the lowest (a bargain, as you get dozens of images). Then when you find something you like, enhance resolution. But I love the high-detail, high-framerate of this piece.

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