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Hello world

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a month ago

Hello world

Created a month ago · 84 comments· 657 likes

DALL·E 2Thumb


Daily Challenge #76: Dinosaurs

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Anonymous User

That is sooo cute!

a monthReply


This is one of the winners, it’s almost guaranteed, I mean just look at that! It’s so cute, and the facial features are even accurate (as far as I know) so that’s a plus too. :)

Ah thx. Lets hope so. My cute things are not always doing great in challenges but maybe this time....

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Ah thx. Lets hope so. My cute...

This is so good in quality too, like the amout of crispness this has is so high lol, I’d think at least the Top 10% or maybe even Top 5% either way though, I think that this certainly qualifies as such. :)

Thanks again, I appreciate! I'm happy with Top 10% or higher haha. Would be nice to actually be in the top 3 someday. But I think the winners will be epic. Can't wait to see them!

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Thanks again, I appreciate! I'...

Yeah, I can’t wait to see if the winner of the challenge is a realistic approach to it or an accurate approach, or both haha. But at least it looks like the cute ones could win also. :)

Would love to see a Jurassic Park style creation haha. Realistic dinosaurs are so hard to do with A.I. Curious if someone will actually create a dinosaur that looks ultra realistic

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Would love to see a Jurassic P...

I have seen some very realistic and detailed approaches like an Archaeopteryx with feathers and accurate features that looked quite good, and then also a very good sort of realistic raptor with feathers made by @Zia (I think) but yeah i agree with the fact that it is really hard to make accurate and realistic dinosaurs using the AI. :)

I will look them up! I found out that Dall-E gives me better results with dinosaurs lol. Usually I use Stable but the dinosaurs didnt look great.. they were terrible haha.

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton I will look them up! I found o...

The dinosaurs with stable always have an extra arm, the teeth are in the air, lol, it’s all strange looking, but I saw some lucky good ones though, I can try to find the creations and then link them if that’s alright?

Indeed! Lol the teeth are so strange. That would be great, thanks!!

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Indeed! Lol the teeth are so s...

Here is the realistic raptor: /creation/LAcIAdwwzrt5peQ9WaGp

Here is an incredible Archaeopteryx: /creation/9k8YW5H7dQGop11Cxt7L

Also Archaeopteryx: /creation/mnpO7QAnHkL1mAGkdJey

I think these look great! :)

Damn they look great. Love them, especially the first one. The details are amazing!

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Damn they look great. Love the...

Yeah right, I even said that it might be the "winner winner" like at the top… top lol

Yeah you could be right🏆. Can't wait for the results haha

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Yeah you could be right🏆. Can...

It’s fun to theorise… :)

ik that it was you bfr i even looked amazing work Doctor!

Thank you Mattagos!😁😊

Amazing! I'd give that a 5 in the challenge

Thank you so much, I appreciate that😊

So perfect! Absolutely adorable!

Thank you! Glad you like it!😁

Huge congratulations, Doc! Cutest Triceratops ever! 🥰🖤

Big congrats! Great work :)

Aww he is adorable! Congrats :)

Thank you Gazelli!!😊


Precious, so cute! Congratulations!

Tysm, I appreciate!😊

Cuteness overload

Should have win!

Thanks❤️ But the winner deserved it

Should have won. It works on so many levels and I like how it is clearly a baby triceratops

Ah thank you so much! But I think the winner is a good choice.

Lmaoo three with the same title! What are the odds?! Nice work!

Lol didnt even see that🤣 Thanks!!

Replying to: Doctor Palkinton Thank you so much!

I honestly think that you deserved the win.

Replying to: Bryce and Beans I honestly think that you dese...

Aw I appreciate that. I think the winning creation is excellent. Totally different style, much more realistic.

OMG I love dinosaurs FOLLOWED

what has been created here is nothing less than awesome

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!😁

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