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I'm hiding in the blue
I'm hiding in the blue
6 months ago

I'm hiding in the blue

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This whole picture feels like an invitation to adventure and I love it!

6 monthsReply

Nice one! 😁👍


This to me reminds my of an Alan Walker album cover

Amazing creation

Love it! Great job as always Mina <3

Me too, it’s a natural reaction to [Insert Random Life Event Here]

This is Great! 💯💎⚜️ Excellent! 👌✨


Very nice and good

Really like the. It’s very evocative. Would make a great poster

wow .. that would make a great album cover

Wow, this is beautiful ❤️

Wow, esto es fascinante, desde el mensaje de la composición hasta la distribución y detalles de cada elemento que la componen, increíble resultado

Oops, I meant, ITS AWESOME!!1 ⛴

Honestly speaking, this gonna be the most epic/stunning/gorgeous creation I ever saw in Nightcafe! Bravo, and bravo again 👏👏

I'm in the hiding in blue thinking about you the vibrant splash impacts me even further you hold a promise and that is to explore more whatever you do don't look at me in the eyes look ahead of the image Infront of you cause only then you will have empathy for me and most importantly to yourself.

So, cool....and nice !! Well done !! ;)

This is amazing work, I love it.

this is great check out some of my work

that would make a great album cover 👍

What a fabulous picture Midnight Maiden! Bravo!

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