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Alice Throws a Tea Party!
Alice Throws a Tea Party!
a month ago

Alice Throws a Tea Party!

Created 4 months ago · 17 comments· 0 likes

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What do you think Alice grows up to be? We used to have the movie where Whoopi Goldberg is the Cheshire Cat. Wish I still had it. I think Alice went to college and did her share of psychedelics, then perhaps became a writer or artist — or opened a tea house? Great creation.

a monthReply

Excellent question....I like to think she became a writer, or artist, and that she was not beholden to the cultural idiocies of her day...I hope she became a suffragist, and not a housewife.

What is your favorite version, besides the original?

Again, sorry for all the missing letters, or an extra letter here or there! I guess I should have read it BEFORE I posted it!!!!

Wow! So interesting! Maybe you should write a book!! You are a treasure trove of all things Alice, as I sensed you would be! I should screenshot your list to refer to! Thanks so much!! No worries about typos!! 🤩🎩🐇🐰🐱🐈😸👗

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades Wow! So interesting! Maybe yo...

What can I say? I love Alice!!!

What’s your favorite thing about her? I’m a fan, too, but I would watch The Wizard of Oz every year as a kid, whereas getting to see Alice in Wonderland was a rarer treat. 😸

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades What’s your favorite thing abo...

Me too! My mom, believe it or not! Was at the NYC premiere of The Wizard of Oz in 1939!!! So we saw Wizard of Oz every year also, of course! Even though I loved Wizard of Oz, I had a copy of Alice the book, and I read it and reread it often. I admire her independence, her sense of adventure,, and then just the whimsy of it all...the entire book. Plus of course, it has the coolest, most iconic cat in the history of literature! For me , wizard is ALL about the movie....Alice? All about the book! Thanks again for asking such interesting questions!!!

Wow!! Your mom was so lucky! Did she have any idea that Oz would become what it became? I heard that most people didn’t. Was it her first color (partly) movie? I could not read the Oz books because I didn’t like the illustrations. I liked the Alice illustrations, though, obviously. I liked the Tom Petty music video, though the song isn’t a favorite, I love when she turns into cake at the end!🍰🎂

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades Wow!! Your mom was so lucky!...

Oops....i guess I used all the space I could, so sorry and have a wondrous, creative, Wonderland kind of day!!!!

Wow!! Such an interesting life your mom had! The Tom Petty song with the Alice video is called “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, and it’s definitely the video I like more than the song— though there are a lot of other songs of his that I like. I watched the video on YouTube recently so my husband could see it. 🐰👗🐰🐈

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades Wow!! Such an interesting lif...


Replying to: Gumby 😊😊😊

These don’t seem to be in the right order! I assume this must be the last comment, but mine isn’t right above it. I had the idea of doing an experiment— supposedly you can get a lot of points for getting a lot of comments on one creation. But do they have to be from different people? I don’t know! Do you have a different creation with a lot of comments we could add to, or just keep adding to this one? Just a thought. Might take too much creating time away!!

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades These don’t seem to be in the...

Lol! I'm not sure, but it sounds like an interesting experiment!

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades What is your favorite version,...

Ok.....well absolutely the John Tenniel illustrations, are my favorite, and I do love the naivety of the old Disney film's characters, so typical.of the fifties and sixties, are precious, in the big headed Disney ubiquitous style... BUT, I have a sixties version of Alice, that I believe came free with a purchase of FOLGER'S!!!! of all things, and it has some crazy sixties style, almost trippy line illustrations, some in green, some in black, that I find endearing,. And then I have a 2022 version, artwork by MinaLima, some of the artwork has pull tabs, so that you can pull.on Alice's legs and they get longer... Anyway, it is a gorgeous publication, and even if all of the artwork is not exactly to my taste, it is still very very COOL!!!! I feel like I just wrote.a novel myself! ... Thank you for you interest, and all your comments!!!

Replying to: Melanie Rhoades Wow!! Your mom was so lucky!...

I'm not sure if she knew the movie was going to be a hit. HER mom was a manager at (I think!) Saenger Theatre in New York, and also in Atlanta when the "Gone with the Wind" movie was premiered. (I am making her sound like Forrest Gump!) She had a very interesting life.... Anyway, she got to see Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney at the NYC premiere. She was eight or nine at the time. Needless to say, she loved the movie, and when my siblings and I grew up, we would watch the movie every year. I read some of the Oz books, but I was older when I read most of them. I felt they were just weird. So I didn't like them as much as Alice either. And both Alices were definitely in my "favorite" book list, and I must have read them just about yearly! I don't remember that Tom Petty video, and I'm going to find it! I love Tom Petty's music, but there is one album that I listened to SO much, I'm still kind of sick of it!! Lol! Anyway, sorry for inflicting my memory lane on you! But I have really enjoy

Wow, this is in the wrong order, too! Maybe this isn’t the best one for the experiment, some of our other conversations are just as long, and aren’t all scrambled!

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