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Nothing left - In the hollow of high hopes, an empty brain and a lost heart
Nothing left - In the hollow of high hopes, an empty brain and a lost heart
4 months ago

Nothing left - In the hollow of high hopes, an empty brain and a lost heart

Created 4 months ago · 147 comments· 0 likes·🪙 1

SDXL 1.0

Dell-E 3

This is about some sort of accident that left both your mind and heart wounded. For instance, you chose to follow your heart, only to end up both hurting your heart and losing trust in others. Your brain was replaced by your heart, but it was the empty one. The guardian angels are those who tried to wake you up when your mind was overshadowed by your heart, but it's hopeless.

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I KNEW this was yours. Only you can come up with something like that. Among my top 3 as well, love it!

4 monthsReply

Thanks, Elen! Glad to know I'm still among your top 3. Hehe, I wasn't daring enough to fool anyone with this one; it's so similar to the old one.

It was the title along with the topic and the visuals that gave you away.

Boy this makes a statement!

thanks a lot!

An elaborate and amazing creation my friend. Congratulations and well deserved!

thanks my friend

Replying to: Matthew thanks my friend

You're very welcome my friend

thanks, Cilia. Glad you like it

Great image Matt! Bravo for your top ranking! Well deserved my friend

thanks a lot, Nikko!

nice and epic one! Bravo 💟

Thank you all for participating in this No Thème Challenge. Amazing entries, amazing people 💟 See you tom !

Thanks for always hosting wonderful challenges and all the opportunities you guys give us. 💟

Very well done Matthew! A wonderful creation and title 🖤✨

thanks a lot LK!

Excellent concept, yet again. You amaze me

thanks a lot, Robyn! 🖤

thanks Wyn!

Incredible Matthew! Congrats! 💘

thanks, Ewe 🖤!

Replying to: Matthew thanks, Ewe 🖤!

You're welcome! 🤗

Wow, awesome image congratulations!

thanks, Lilith!

So damn good!! 👌🏻 well deserved ❤️

thanks Missy!

Beautiful, congrats

thanks, Karin!

Congrats, great image

thanks, Gecko!

🪙 3

congrats Matthew ! so beautiful creation, My Favorite ! , i'm glad for you , finally my favorite creation comes in 1st position !

Thank you so much, Fred! what I can tell is I think we have kind of similar taste

Yes ! & Thank a lot for your tip My Friend

Congrats. Such a beautiful conceptual meaningful piece. 🤍🌿💚

thanks a lot 🤍💚

Incredible image👍👏👏👏

Love how this has been setup to convey the emotions.. fantastic


Beautiful and imaginative 👍😻

Powerful and beautiful, and all to familiar a feeling! ❤️🌹

Oh wow.. phenomenal 👏👌

Stunning, but the meaning escapes me a little

This is amazing. Glad he has his angels helping him heal.

🪙💰💸 10

Excellent winning creation. Very different and I admire that every time you bring something fresh and quality. Lovely.

Sorry for the late reply hehe! I've been a bit lazy (I mean I always) and also swamped with stuff. Thank you! Your challenges are pretty much the only ones I actively participate in. I'm really grateful that you've been able to maintain the quality of your space just like it was from the start. All my favorite creators are here too, which makes me love it even more. They might not be my latest creations, but I can assure you that I've never submitted them to any other challenge and I always try my best to contribute my colors to your challenges

Back at you with the even more late reply! I'm glad you appreciate the challenge, thanks. All of it sounds very relatable to me as well and it's the way I enjoy my NC experience too. Thanks for sticking with us for so long and always delivering quality, see you on the future challenges!

💛 💛 Fabulous

Love this - fascinating concept and so well executed. #Followed

Beautifully melancholy 🖤

Very nice, great concept

WOW! What an impressive art style and a nice composition in motifs and colors. How did you (resp. AI) do it?

Broken hearts are for ... (by Frank Zappa)

Creative and heartbreaking


This truly touched my ❤️ 🙏

Yeah. Sounds like my divorce - Love your work...

Crazy spectacular 👏👏👏

Supream creation 👍👍👍👍👍

reminiscent of Prometheus Gr8! Peace ☮️💜

Big like! So beautiful!

Elegant and majestic piece of such a wonderful depiction of love.

Beautiful work

Yet they say Ai art isn't expressive ♥️

Supreme work 💙❤️💙🎵

Oh wow. Amazing, visceral and unique.🤩

Like a greek statue!

This creation is very well done. All of the elements are assimilated very well.

THANK YOU ❤️ ❤️❤️

Nice one, a bit disturbing

A masterpiece! Congratulations! 👏

Wow, this is mental! ))

Make the hollow inside like a vulcano. Maybe replace the waterfall with lava. I think it will be more dramatic.

Cool ❤️ треба йти за своїм серцем, так іноді буває боляче, але пережите надає новий виток в творчості, дається емоційне відчуття. Коли приймаєш себе таким, як є, дихаєш і живеш далі з новим досвідом та натхненням.. звісно страшно, коли не відомо.. але це житя

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