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Uba-zakura, the Legendary Tree of Japan
Uba-zakura, the Legendary Tree of Japan

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5 months ago·Following

Uba-zakura, the Legendary Tree of Japan

Created 5 months ago · 126 comments· 0 likes

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Daily Challenge #83:Japan

I actually can’t believe the support this has gotten… thank you all so much :D

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"elaborate maximalistic ethereal bright glowing lush fantasy cherry blossom tree, tiny glowing cherry blossom petals in the air, bright glowing Japanese flag, magical atmosphere, a masterpiece, detailed matte painting by Greg Rutkowski, hyperdetailed intricately detailed, hypermaximalistic, poster art"


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Anonymous User

Beautiful, congrats on placing.

5 monthsReply




Glad you like it :)




I love the detail in the tree. Congratulations on getting third place :)

Oh my goodness this is stunning!

Glad you like it! :)


Much better than 1st and 2nd.. you should have won 🥇 ✌️

Thank you for the kind words! 1st is really cool though… I’m just happy I got 3rd 😊

Amazing! Flowery and glowing... absolutely gorgeous. Way to intertwine legend into this!

Thank you so much! The legend thing was a last minute idea, I think it paid off 😁

Replying to: Christian Thank you so much! The legend...

It really did! You earned yourself 3rd place!

Absolutely stunning! I didn't know about this legend, so interesting.

Thanks! I didn’t either, but last minute I decided that since Japan has a lot of legends, maybe there was one about a Cherry Blossom Tree, so I looked it up and sure enough, there was!

That was such a lovely thought! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Replying to: DystopicRedhead That was such a lovely thought...

You’re very welcome!

I saw this one when I voted!

Well thank you so much for voting on it! (Even if you voted low lol)

congrats on 3rd place

gorgeous render! what lovely lighting effects. following! :)

Thanks so much! :)

Много красиво





So beautiful!

Congrats on 3rd place, this is absolutely gorgeous!😊

Thank you so much! :D

I love how much detail there is on each blossom ❤️🌸


Nice! Following...

👏 👏 👏

🪙 1·Following

This is so beautiful!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Replying to: Christian Thanks, glad you like it!

I love it :)

Replying to: LA2688 I love it :)

Glad you love it then :D

Replying to: Christian Glad you love it then :D

Haha, yeah! I appreciate it 😅

Oh damn, this is wonderful!


This is so serene

It's so вєαυтιƒυℓ

Thank you :)

Replying to: Christian Thank you :)

You're welcome :).

Congratulations 🎉❤️❤️


That’s so cool and so beautiful 🤩

I'm glad you think so :)

i lovec herry blossoms

This is one of the most beautiful things I ever seen

I’m glad you like it :D


So pretty!!

🪙 1·Following

Awesome. I love your art style, and also that you don't post NSFW content. I think your profile is one of the best ones is seen since starting NC. Great job!

Wow, thank you! I do my best ;)

Replying to: Christian Wow, thank you! I do my best ;...

No problem!


so pretty

Glad you like it :)



Replying to: Christian Thanks! :D

You're welcome!

Top of the month is basically all top-places in daily challenges

Fr lol. I’ve gotten as many likes from being top weekly/monthly as I have when I first got third. I still can’t believe this got NINE HUNDRED LIKES (though I am a little sad that I probably won’t be getting 1k, but oh well).

And thank you for being a part of that 900 ;)

your welcome and congrats!



so beautiful 💗

Thanks you!! 😁



Replying to: Christian Thanks! :D

I would have voted #1 I love trees and their magic and mystery they possess. I have some on my profile as well. Taking it to my canvases next.

I’ll be sure to check them out!

Wonderful!! Love it, Nice job on Top 3!!

Thanks man! :) slowly edging towards 1k lol

Replying to: Christian Thanks man! :) slowly edging t...

lol indeed might get there soon!

Hello, Im going for my badges in comments, likes & followers. Ive just followed you, and liked + commented on your top creation. If you would kindly follow the attached link and give me the same I'd appreciate it immensely! cheers 🍻 Btw great image 🔥 🥇 /creation/qVOSS6SY5ZC4fkumzXV3

I’d be happy to ;)

🤖 NightCafe

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