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Ancient alien relic
Ancient alien relic
a year ago

Ancient alien relic

Created a year ago · 84 comments· 0 likes


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I wanna explore!

a yearReply

There’s treasure beyond belief!!


Fascinating place... Dig

Thanks mate!!❤️

Cheers mate!!

Thank you so much Zagi!! ❤️

this is awesome sensei kenmyh ❤️

Thank you wickedice! Fm😍❤️

Thanks mate ❤️

Thanks mate! 👍👍

Cheers mate❤️

Ahhh I wanna teleport into this pic!

I can be done!🤪

Cheers mate❤️❤️

Beautiful as always! That water and the reflections are so awesome!

Thank you so much! I apprechist your kind Words!❤️

Thanks for comment in my art bro



Thank you😁

Wow.. time to go for an adventure and explore this place!!

Wow! 🤩❤️ Thanks for following me🤩

Ofc!! I love ur art! Plus you seem like a kind person! :D

that's beautiful! do you want to look at my art too?

Of cours ❤️

Absolutely Gorgeous

Thank you so much 😅

Beautiful, your work is really nice 😍 instant follow!

Wow! Thanks ❤️❤️

Your art is remarkable

Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Cheers mate🥰

Kinda want this as my pc desktop ngl well done

Thank you for your comment❤️

Cheers mate ❤️


Cheers mate ❤️

Cheers mate :)

Gorgeous reflections and colors!

Thank you so much 🤩

Cheers mate :)

🪙💰 5

feeling like i've just started reading a new book and excited to see where the story takes me! amazing images loving and enjoying your work @Kenmyh

Thank you so much Justin! I apprechiat it❤️❤️

Defo one of those times when you wish you could get in the screen!

Cheers mate❤️

This reminds me of the enchanted forest in Frozen 2! Beautiful ❤️

Your right!

Love the scene

Perfect setting for a Role-Playing game.

This looks like a GREAT place for a vacation ngl

looks like something out of fantasy novel

Here's the game:

whats your favorite type of cheese?

"as I wandered through the forest of this alien planet, I happened upon a stone-like relic, glowing light emanating from inside. My breath was momentarily taken by it's captivating beauty"


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