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I sincerely appreciate all the love that this piece has brought to my account. Thank you all for your likes and kind comments.

🔘 Start image credits:


🔘 Credit for some of the prompts: @tdraw_ai_art

🔘 Let us all keep our prompts open so we can learn, truly HOW to make the best artwork possible!

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epic ❤️

2 yearsReply

Thank you 🙏

Replying to: HRUD epic fr

much love


Thanks for leaving the prompt open. It’s messy, but it’s also very lively and I like it. I’d like to incorporate some of these elements into my own works. c:

I hate closing prompts, sometimes I do end up closing the, but I try to keep them open 😊👍

Yes closing prompts sucks sometimes

Replying to: Storyline Yes closing prompts sucks some...

I completely agree, but sometimes I like to keep a few secrets... or things just turn out awful.

Replying to: Storyline Yes closing prompts sucks some...

also - sometimes I don’t want others evolving

Thank you! Glad you enjoy it 🎉👆

I might have to evolve this =)

Any prompts you suggest using?

I think on some of her Mountain arts there’s a lot of good prompts to pick from 👍 but I’m also excited to see what she says

Replying to: Storyline I think on some of her Mountai...

Yeah a bunch on my mountain and recent images. I’ll send some of them over in a minute.

Replying to: Storyline I think on some of her Mountai...

Mountain and waterfalls: water, bright, sunny, unsettling, mysterious, strange, odd, weird, fantasy, magic, spells, incantation, geometric, mandala, celestial, chaotic, cosmic, by Stephan Martiniere and Alexander Fedosa

vapor twilight tornadic thunderstorm synesthesia sunshine rays sunny spiraling serene seascape radiant psychedelic mysterious noctilucent parallax photorealistic polished geometric elemental beautiful colorful elaborate shiny

Other: Hyper detailed digital matte painting, concept art, hyperrealism, Cinema 4D, 8k resolution, 64 megapixels, coherent, bokeh, CGSociety, ZBrush Central, behance HD, hypermaximalist, a masterpiece, 4K, trending on Artstation

by David A. Hardy, Victor Moscoso, Bill Melendez, Johannes Voss, Anna Mill

I sent over some prompts and tagged Storyline. If you would like to, feel free to use them!

You missed the V from Alexander Fedosav (more accurately Alexander FedosOv)

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art You missed the V from Alexande...

Oh crap! I knew I deleted something but I couldn’t see what! Thank you for letting me know 😂

Haha I love this prompt. If you’d like you’re free to evolve it :)

marvelous 🖤✨

Thank you adansito 😊

Hey, you got the credits to do the coherent Evo! Love how different yours came out compared to mine from changing the runtime and overall weight.

Yes! It’s been improving and improving! Finally have enough for coherent runs 😅

i think i found a secret of making these swift come see my new ones

this is so pretty

No thanks to who wrote the prompts though? 🤨

There is now. I’ve been amping up my citations on work. But, no matter... you never asked for credits before, and nowhere on your original prompt or your main account do you request them! Yes, of course, this masterpiece would not be able to exist without your masterly prompting and A.I whispering... That I just say, I give huge thanks for. I truly am a huge fan of your artworks, tdraw, but if you want proper credit please put it in your post before you get snarky with me 😕

That's a really good point, while I've said it many times in conversations with people, I've never explicitly stated it on my profile or on the creations. Sorry for acting like a [word that triggers the automoderator]. There's an occasional bitterness that comes with the few people that will duplicate and claim it as their own work, and it was unfair to react like that's what you were doing here when you weren't. You do make so many truly original and wonderful pieces. I'm sorry.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art That's a really good point, wh...

I completely understand! Being as popular and grand as an artist as you are, I bet loads of people try to claim the prompts you create. Thank you for reaching out to me, and I will do my best to cite your sources if I use your prompts or start images.


i come back and still, this is my favorite piece of art

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"Futuristic cyberpunk 2077 night city with glowing neon brutalist architecture photograph by Iwan Baan and concept art by Greg Rutkowski free HD digital wallpaper"


"Hong Kong’s Infamous Kowloon Walled City"


"Sci-fi architectural drawing by Paperblue"


"Fantasy cyberpunk castle chateau de chambord"


"by Markus Vogt"





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