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ArcaneScape III
ArcaneScape III
2 years ago

ArcaneScape III

Created 2 years ago · 88 comments· 0 likes


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This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Cool 😎

2 yearsReply


Amazing! ^^ eldritch horror vibes.

I think both of those words were in here. I overuse Eldritch for sure.

Its like the end of the shore. Trippy

This is epic!! check out some of my stuff and tell me what you think?

Absolutely! Thanks!

🤩😵‍💫🤩😵‍💫🤩😵‍💫 mesmerising!

Awesome! I could see this as some type of metal album cover

Carcass - Symphonies of Sickness 2.0 is my hope.

Damn, how the hell do I get this good!?

Go to the original creation by Sithiis, I used portions of their prompts for this. I changed the start image, the artists, and some of the adjectives and rendering prompts.

yup, that's an album cover. makes me want to see the inside gatefold.

I’m interested in how you achieved this image. Did you start with a base sketch and let the AI evolve it? Or … ?

It has a start image I made that provided some shapes and colours. Then prompts to the effect of 'parallel universe' or gateway and listing several artists, prompts with adjectives, anti blur prompts, then a prompt with all the rendering mediums.

Start image weighed slightly less than prompts, medium res, slight horizontal symmetry applied

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon It has a start image I made th...

I have been starting with text prompts only (most) because I haven’t gotten results as good as your yet with base images. I’ll try harder on base images in the future…

Just weigh them low or turn noise up.. I typically am only using them for color Swatch right now

It makes me think of Cthulhu’s palace. Super cool.

yooo this one is super cool

oh my god. I'm sorry sometimes with AI I'm at a loss for words. This is one of those times. This is crazy!

Amazing as always. I'm very impressed.

This is my favourite one for sure

Ayo this one hard asfk


Omg how do u make these so good

Lots of prompts and a starter image

Holy cow, this is definitely where you meet the final boss 😅

Stunning creations!

Very crisp lobe the details. How do you get that detailed ?

Lots of prompts about blur reduction and being really detailed. I literally type hyper-detailed

nice use of horizontal symetry

using pictures instead of words, maybe combining several?

Metal and water in a Lovecraftian tone


I always have an extra prompt for blur reduction or underexposed bits ... Weighted at -1 ! Hope that helps, and trust me I have a lot of fails!!!

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon I always have an extra prompt...

Whoa…temple of the drowned gods

Well, that's straight out of an Eldritch Horror novel. Still cool though.

Amazing, love to see more!

Wow dude, Eldritch Horror-esque, love it!!

This is perfect for my Dnd campaign!

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