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Playing in the sun after diving
Playing in the sun after diving
25 days ago

Playing in the sun after diving

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"You come here often?", Maria asked Vitri. Both have met this morning for the diving class.

"Usually I don't. Sorry that I need to fit in for James. I was not sure if I was a proper dive partner", Vitri replied softly.

"No probs! James called earlier and explained. You did a good job down there. Jeez I am thirsty."

Maria started to grub in her backpack but instead of the water bottle a cat-ear headset fell in her hands. She blushed a bit when she pulled it out.

"Put it on!", Vitri exclaimed heatedly. "It'll be fun!". Now it was his turn to blush because he would now appear as overly arroused. Which he was.

"Like... like this", she stuttered.

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