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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
a month ago

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

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SD 3 (BETA) early access

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I loved this movie

24 daysReply

One of my favorites. The cast were all fantastic in that one.

Replying to: Astro_dude One of my favorites. The cast...


Perfect!! Loved this movie as well!!

Replying to: Astro_dude One of my favorites.

Mine as well! This is a great tribute!!

Replying to: Astro_dude Thanks. My grandma lives with...

Well. You did her proud! 😊. It’s great!!!

One of my favorites.

Thanks. My grandma lives with me. It's also one of her favorites. It was her request.

Wow! A great capture of great scene!

I appreciate that!

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"Picture of a middle aged Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek, wearing a white bathrobe and a white cotton headband. He is swimming underwater in an aquarium's Humpback whale enclosure. We see his face as he is in close physical contact with a Humpback whale. rays of sunlight shine through the water. This scene is viewed through glass from within a dimly lit viewing area. This picture is to look like a real 35mm film still. It should be the most realistic 35mm film still possible."


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