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Cybernetic Octopus
Cybernetic Octopus
2 years ago

Cybernetic Octopus

Created 2 years ago · 75 comments· 0 likes


This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Great picture right here, cool stuff!

2 yearsReply

TY for the kind words ;)

Replying to: ZP TY for the kind words ;)

Of course! Thanks for sharing your work!

Tried doing a mechanical owl but haven’t done well so far


Definitely worth of follow... and insane how many likes you have for only 13 published creations. Nice Job. Must be doing something right 😉

It's some kind of spam account. Bunch of similar stuff kicked off in the past week or so.

Nice blend of techno-organic

this is quite nice, looks at home in the deep or a gas giant

i tried to create something like this. You did amazingly well! I never came even close!

yo this is based af

Agreed your creations are great, but 580 followers on 13 creations? Do you honestly follow all their work? Quality or quantity of followers, and their work. Visa versa. 🤔

Ya I’m really just a team player, it’s considered challenge progress to follow and like other peoples work so I’m always following people back and liking their stuff in the feed, helps myself and other creators so why not ;)

Just curious that's all. Though you are not following me. 😉

How do you make stuff like this im new

This incredibly fucking rad

Ok i followed you, now return the favor is what you said right?

Love you daddy dropped great art

Luv U too Jimmy ( No Jomo)


This is awesome. Very cyberpunk spelljammer.


Lol it totally does look like a living ship from no mans sky, that gives me a cool idea. Happy creating and I appreciate your kind comments



Cephalopods are my fave. Well Done.


Can you imagine the crew it take to run this thung?

James is right! Fantastic Coherent run...

this could be the Nautillus yk

really nice, good job!

I appreciate the kind words :)

Fun Fact: The plural of “octopus” is actually “octopuses.” The whole “octopi” thing is a myth that arose from the Latin rule that –us becomes –i in plural. (The word octopus is Greek.)

Wish I could tip because any Octo fact deserves my respect

I am infinitely happy to dispense Octo facts for free. Someone once said to me, “I would cook you, but nobody likes calamari.” Never figured out whether that was an insult or a compliment.

Context: I was dressed up as an octopus.

Woah, really nailed it on that one!! Now if I could just get it to look like an elephant...

💛 💛 💛 

I can't believe it❣️❣️❣️

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