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Sunday Night Smile
Sunday Night Smile
25 days ago

Sunday Night Smile

Created 25 days ago · 142 comments· 0 likes



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Excellent Mormookiee. I like this Image with beatiful Smile!!! 😃

24 daysReply

pretty, dimples at the corner of her lips,


So pretty!




lovely smile and face

That smile and those eyes! Mesmerizing!!

Nice earring detail!

She purdy Mookie 🤗❤️

Very nice. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Great portrait again, I love that style and smile. :)

Lovely smile. ❤️‍🔥

A blessing of a perfect moment. Thank you. You're the greatest!

A smile that speaks of simpler times and clean living. This is a beautiful portrait

Wow, she's a stunner

A beautiful smile it is too

Senin eserlerin çok başarılı 👏👏

She looks very gorgeous !!!

oh yeah that look 😉. well done my friend

I love this MJ gallery. Keep them coming!


Wow, looks just like young pictures of my Grandmother!

An amazing creation!!

У Вас очень красивые женские портреты! 👍😁💞🕊️💃

Очень красивая!🥰👍

But that will go away iff she thinks about monday morning

She reminds me of an actress...but I can't remember her name..

Very Milla Jovovich Resident Evil! Love it!

Smile, without a reason why, Love, as if you were a child Smile, no matter what they tell you, Don't listen to a word they say, 'Cause life is beautiful that way...

Stunning Piece 😉

it's beautiful.

I knew it was you. I could just tell by looking. It's really beautiful.

This is excellent! Wow, amazing work! :-)

Absolutely beautiful ♥️♥️♥️


Such a beautiful smile because it reaches her eyed.

An attractive composition! I like all your work) I hope for reciprocity😍✔

Wow--beautiful eyes. Most excellent portrait....can you get her to pose with me next time?

Aww! I love you too! 💕 Beauty!

❤❤❤ une douceur extrême dans le regard et le sourire ! elle est magnifique ! super !!!

I live her moist lips and the glints of light -- both in her eyes -- and that which reflects off of her earring. <3<3<3 :D

then I'll give you the 1000 heart

Very beautiful portrait :)

Do you have views of her smiles from other weekdays, or does she only frown on Fridays?

Looks Like Romy Schneider

Sunday must be snuggle time 😉

wunder wunder schön

Oh wow. Stunningly beautiful. Great work.

Mormookie is very talented

Sweetface and that vibrant red... just lovely!

No Sunday blues any more with a smile like that!

She knows that you like what you like. Don't tell her you are tough...

Symptoms of dehydration in adults and children include: feeling thirsty. dark yellow, strong-smelling pee. peeing less often than usual

Hey, she looks like my next wife!

I came across this piece on the feed and it caught my eye. I am a fan.

Ai also can smile. Good job

Beautiful portrait!

In which AI was this generated? Great!

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