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Really happy with it except for the stupid egg top center right.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Deep and dark 🖤🖤

Ty for the comment man, here checking out and loving it from the get go!!

The egg looks stupid but its albo very interesting, cool



This is awesome! I can never get a cave right.


It took me a few tries.. the fails are further down on my page

I opened the prompts on my newest version if you want to play with it some

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon I opened the prompts on my new...

Nice!!! Thank you!


Very beautiful!💚

nice thanks for your comment

I love this. Has a cool touch like some waste planet landscape.

wow that’s good

Holy crap 🤯! You're very good at this!

How many evolutions did it take to make that masterpiece?

3 prompts and a start image, no evolution. One main prompt, one detailing adjectives and art styles, and one to weigh negative for all the stuff I didn't want. thank you so much for looking!

On my newest version of this, the prompts are open.


When you told me to look at your top creations I had no idea I'd see something this awesome

That means a lot!! Thank you for that (:

Damn, these are SOOO pretty.......

dude man

Honestly, the egg adds to the story of this picture.

🤣🤣 the story of me forgetting to remove it in my prompts

Awesome! Good title, as well.

What egg? I thought it was a moon!

This is awesome I love it.

wow! this definitely makes some feelz!


This one is pretty amazing too!

It's the all seeing egg! it's just an underground moon lighting the way of the cave.

It looks very beautiful and extremely huge, I’d love to spend some time here

I love the depth you can create in your images, I need to learn how to use this program more efficiently because this just has a stunning spatial quality to it, whereas my images seem 2D. Well done!

Make sure you're in 'advanced' mode, use several prompts. I always have one that mentions some 3D rendering programs and weights them against other prompts by about .8

I really Love your Work :)

واقعا بی نظیره 😲

I think the egg is a surveillance system, it watches all. Because backstory is fun

If only I was this good 👍😭

I thought this was a real photo

WOW holly cow this is sooo cool!

lovely landscape. surreal and slightly offputting

THis is amazing i would hang this in my room!

All of your art is absolutely beautiful!

Cool Star Wars scenary

🤯 So cool!

Pretty awesome. Most your stuff looks phenomenal.

Ok now this is very well done

I really appreciate that!

Awesome! Could brush or clone out the egg in Photoshop or Picsart.

I used to do a ton of digital artwork in Photoshop for the brewery I work at, but I'd prefer to just keep everything to words in an app now ;)


I just followed you on Instagram too!

Wow... Top Weekly earned overnight. Thank you everyone. To think I almost didn't share this one!

That's a lot of like in 1 day. Congrats!

It's kind of blown my mind and I spent WAY too much time on here yesterday!!

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon It's kind of blown my mind and...

It feels so good to get them likes 😂 then trying to repeat what was popular to get the same feeling. The struggle is real. Look forward to seeing more of your art 😘

A cave in no man's sky!

Haha a couple people have said that

Oh my god what is inside the egg?

OMG, it looks like it is from space!!! I am so lucky because you as this big of an artist commenting on MY creations means too much to me!!1

I'm just a dude that is obsessed with AI art.

honestly imagined it to be some sort of equipment for surveying the cave instead of an egg, love the way everyone see things so different, either way this is really cool! btw one of my favs is the cuddle fish one and that mush scape im too lazy to also comment on them lol.

its really nice you should keep going

Love it!!! Teach me oh wise one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just trial and error! The newest version has the settings open!


The prompts are available in my newest CaveScape if you want to play with them some! Thanks!

i think the "egg" looks like a palnet or something, really cool

I got negative 990 likes on my rotting mushroom thing lol idk how

Totally agree with the egg, other was awesome

What egg? I see a vast and dark moon. I love this. Also, black metal musician here. Just wanted to throw that out there. For some reason you were first on the list. These AI algorithms man...

Sweet. I'm a family man now but have recorded two death metal albums and done guest vox for several euro BM bands. What name do you record under?


Lol. I had a perfect figure of a French maid... With a stupid third hand... Lol. For what it's worth, my eyes passed over it.

Yeah I get lots of extra arms 🤣

This one still amazes me! It's hard to believe it was one you made when you were first starting with AI and before stable came out. A true Beauty, creativity, and hard work. You should be proud.


Welllllll it's looking like I won't get top monthly on this one like I'd hoped

Replying to: rufusdinosaur Yes you will

Told you. Congrats

Replying to: rufusdinosaur Told you. Congrats

You were right, thank you


Wooooow. Look how sharp and clean

This is really great!!!😮🖤 Love the blue hues. The egg works, just like facehugger eggs. 😀

This is epic 👍