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Mystic Tree in the Cavern of Tranquility
Mystic Tree in the Cavern of Tranquility
a year ago

Mystic Tree in the Cavern of Tranquility

Created a year ago Β· 166 commentsΒ· 0 likes


Daily Challenge #101:Caves

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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Congrats on second place!

a yearReply

Thank you!

Replying to: Ministress Thank you!

You're welcome!

Incredible composition

Glad you like it!

Congratulations!! Wanted to be the first to say so

But someone beat me to it :) They were fast

Thanks so much! And thanks for your help!

woh this deserved first place, sick!

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Much better than the winner, congrats for placing though πŸŽ‰

Aww, what a kind thing to say! The winner is good, too!




Thank you so much! And thanks for all your help! πŸ’™

Replying to: Ministress Thank you so much! And thanks...

My pleasure! I loved this one, I'm so glad you chose it! :D πŸ’™

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Beautiful 😍😍congratulations

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Replying to: Ministress Thanks, I appreciate it!

You are very welcome πŸ–€

This is awesome 🀩 congrats!

Thank you so much!

Awesome! Congrats!

So creative! Really nice work! Liked and Followed, hope you'll do the same :)

I'm glad you like it, thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thanks, glad you like it!

Replying to: Ministress Thank you so much!

You’re welcome

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much!

Awesome, congrats!

Thank you so much!

any hints about how you prompted this? This is amazing!

Sure! I started out in Stable with a prompt like this --

Beautiful photoillustration of a tree in a glowing lake in a cave. Realistic mixed media painting illustration by Carlos Quevedo, Brandon Kidwell, photorealism, precisionism, ambient occlusion, 3d liquid detailing, octane render, VRay, album cover art, 8k digital illustration

After that there are about 10 more similar prompts with various artists and settings. Once I got the picture I liked, I threw that into Artistic and reran it to add some texture. Then I chose one of the lower progression images (I believe it was 8 or 10%) for this picture.

Take a look at some of somniamea's fantastic Artistic creations, and you can see how to layer prompts. It takes a lot of trial and error to get something nice, but the end result can be quite outstanding! @somniamea

Good luck! And thank you!

Replying to: Ministress Sure! I started out in Stable...

WOW Well there you go... that's how it's done. thanks for the advice!

Replying to: Ministress You're very welcome! I think I...

yeah that's what I'm noticing. I never knew about the evolutionary process with the original images. I should have saved some of my credits. I'm trying my luck and working my way up. You have some amazing work!

Well you get 7 a day for logging in and voting. Then as you get badges, you'll get a whole bunch more. Then it all starts to dry up, haha. I keep telling myself, "I'm only going to spend a few credits this time!" and then 50 credits later I still don't like it and start all over. sigh But it's just so much fun, even more so when it's a piece you really like!

Replying to: Ministress Sure! I started out in Stable...

I am new at this and find it interesting that it almost can take as long going through the trial & error phases of multiple prompts and the final refinement passes as it does to paint (with a steady hand) on canvas with any media. Your explanation of the process of creating (I still think Winner) piece helps to show that AI Artistry is more about technically and verbally creating a piece of artwork, and not just someone cranking in phrases just to see what these AI engines can do on a single pass basis.

I’ve only been working with AI Art Diffusions for about a month, trying many to narrow down what I find to be the most useful. I ultimately will use this in conjunction with my digital photo artwork. The funny thing is the power of this medium compared to my past work done in Bryce 7 and other3D image software makes those look like crayon utilities.

Thanks for taking the time to walk through at a high level; how, this was created. It is instructional as well as helpful.

Replying to: GRK_Astronomer I am new at this and find it i...

Yeah, either you get lucky with a simple prompt or you have to really tweak and work with it. Fortunately this engine keeps evolving, so perhaps someday we'll be able to directly edit pieces. As an illustrator, I'm kind of blown away that I can just type some words and a (potential) masterpiece pops out! I really enjoy it, and instead of drawing things for my job, I can relax and have some fun here without all the hard work. And cool stuff happens!

When I started out here, I just started copying all sorts of prompts and keeping them in a text file. I do occasionally return to that if I need some inspiration, but now I mostly go back to older arts I really liked and use bits and pieces of those prompts. It's fun to mess around with all the different styles and artists! And while the daily challenge can be a bit of a credit sink, it gets me to try out new things that I wouldn't normally create.

You're very welcome! I think I spent 10 or 12 credits on this. I got lucky this time – some of them take 30 or 40 credits to get something I'm happy with. I'm a bit too critical of my own work, I guess.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Beautiful. Following...


Thanks! πŸ’—

Replying to: Ministress Thanks! πŸ’—

You’re welcome, following πŸ‘πŸ½


Thank you very much!

This is amazing!

Glad you like it!

I love how this reminds us to find the light in the dark, and grow there.

What a nice thing to say! Thank you!

Great job! I think it's my favourite cave x

Aww, thank you so much!

Nic creation pls follow me 😁😁

Glad you like it!

wow! This looks so epic! πŸ’™πŸ’š

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Great rendering and subject … deserving of a Winner Status.

Thank you very much, what a nice comment!

Amazing!! Folowing you!

this is a masterpiece😍😍😍

I'm glad you like it, thanks!


Well... I like this better than the 1ΒΊ place - for sure!! But, congrats on second place! It's an accomplishment, for sure :)

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

So beautiful and well-deserved! :)

Thank you very much, what a nice thing to say!

Replying to: Ministress Thank you very much, what a ni...

It's true! That's a flippin' fantastic image!

Awesome, congrats

Thanks, glad you like it!

so well deserved, congrats!

Appreciate it, thank you!

Thousandth like! πŸ˜„

Sweet, thank you soooo much!

Aww, thanks a lot!

You should give tutorials!

What a nice comment! Sadly my stuff is just random and all over the place. Sometimes I make something good... usually not, haha.

Replying to: Ministress What a nice comment! Sadly my...

Well, you must be doing something right!

I'm an illustrator in real life, so it's fun to just instantly create things here. Sometimes I get lucky!

No, it wasn't. They're similar, though.

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