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Pirate Ship To The Stars
Pirate Ship To The Stars

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17 days ago

Pirate Ship To The Stars

Created 17 days ago Β· 124 commentsΒ· 813 likes


Daily Challenge #95: Pirates

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Anonymous User

Great 🀩 congrats

15 daysReply

Thank You So Much!!


WOW congratulations! This is well earned

Thank You So Much!!

Thank You So Much!!

Thank You So Much!!

Thank You So Much!!

Replying to: Rimmer Thank You So Much!!

You are so welcome! (I got top 5% by luck, just 3 weeks in I'm learning as much as I canπŸ˜…)

Thank You So Much!!

Congrats, really nice pic. Got top 10% myself, similar style πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Thank You So Much!! Well Done!

Much Appreciated :)

Much Appreciated :)

Replying to: Rimmer Much Appreciated :)

no problem really like it

Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ Beautiful creation

Much Appreciated :)

They will sail the stars, congrats!

Onwards! Thank you

Thank You :)

Thank You :)

Congratulations this is awesome πŸ–€πŸ˜

Thank You So Much :)

Thank You So Much :)

that is rude its the people who decide by the way. dont share your rude thoughts it just brings other peoples days down

Replying to: Daydreamer Sorry for being Rude but a com...

i'm sorry i see why you would say that but you can put it in nicer words and explain a bit before so people dont think youre just being mean

Replying to: the wackos that is rude its the people wh...

Much appreciated ;)

The cloudscape background is fantastic... epic image πŸ‘


Replying to: the wackos i know right

I can spot some feedback just above me. If somebody can't visualise that being at the very least a silhouette of a pirate ship then congrats... they just won the "Schmuck of the Day" trophy.

And a lack of movie style action, literally speaking (ie. cannons popping off, having Errol Flynn or Jack Sparrow performing pirate gymnastics) shouldn't act as a disqualifier. That critic is cooked.

Many thanks :)

Replying to: Bites Crocodile Tails I can spot some feedback just...

Many thanks for your support!


Many thanks :)

Many thanks :)

congrats good luck on the next one and you got this place for a reason this is perfect

This is beautiful! i love the crisp white clouds next to the stars and deep blue! :) take care and keep creating! :D

Many thanks :) its a lovely image

Deserved. :)

Much appreciated!

This is perfect πŸ‘


Many thanks :)

Brilliant!! Congratulations πŸ‘

Many thanks :)

Nice! And congrats πŸ‘

Much appreciated!

Congrats! Following you 4 more posts!

Many thanks :) thx for the follow

Sure is, thank you!

Many thanks :)

Amazing, congratulations!

To infinity and beyond, argh!

Yearr!! Thank you :)

Much appreciated !

Congrats! Great picture

thank you :)

Fantastic composition - congrats! πŸ˜€

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Many thanks!

Thank you :)

Wow, Stunning creation! Definitely following!

Much Appreciated :)

Congratulations! this is amazing!😍

I voted heart eyes on that!

Amazing! congratulations! great prompt

yes this is the best sailor ever

Congrats! Man your gen looks good. Didn't seem like any modifier or change I made affected a ship composition. Awesome work, well earned win!

This kinda reminds me of Captain Hook and his ship from Peter Pan

Great! following you 4 more posts!

I love it, it almost feels like something Michael Jackson would sing about. That may be odd but I absolutely adore this

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