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Chaos in abottle
Chaos in abottle
a year ago

Chaos in abottle

Created a year ago · 90 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰💸 10

DALL-E 215.6x

Daily Challenge #113:Contained Chaos

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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why does everybody vote on the bottles instead of actual rooms

a yearReply

I like these but why all the best look the same? Loool


Wow. Please upscale this though. ✨

Hmm, sometimes images are just blurry even if they get upscaled. I think that it would be good if NightCafé could add a "Sharpener" feature, that could literally just sharpen images instead of only making them more clear in quality. But it might depend on how much you upscale, I wouldn’t know what causes it to not work so well, but it shouldn’t be an issue though 🙌💙

Using words in non-negative prompts like these might help:

Hyper-detailed, highly detailed, sharp focus, intricately sharp and detailed

And so on.

But if your trying to get a more realistic look, then these words could also help: (just some examples)

Hyper-realistic, photo realism, photorealistic, 64 megapixels, cirsp

And more. I know that those words usually work very well in getting crisp/sharp images because of the realistic style.

Oh, I just meant that RedBylix @RedBylix could try upscaling the creation, because it would get a lot more detail and clarity that way, but no worries haha ✨

Well, there are a lot of very popular creators/users here that are great at writing prompts that work beautifully. But for me, I usually just write the most important key-words and such in the first main prompt, and then I might add another prompt to make some features of the first one more prominent. I use the default negative prompt a lot, but sometimes I add in additional words to the negative prompt(s) so that it might work better.

For example, these words could help to create more sharp images without even needing to upscale: (In the negative prompt)

"Blur, blurry, grainy, dark, spots, low quality, unclear, greyish"

And so on, I’m not really an expert at writing prompts, although I try, but I hope that helps! 🙌✨

agreed! But when i upscale it usually overcooks them, i don't understand why...


How do you upscale it

totally.. i agree, it would be great with more detail! I just don't know why mine get cooked, sometimes it looks grainy. Any pointers?

I saw someone throw their image in artistic and then they said they added modifiers and them evolved in coherent. but when i did that, it went all wrong haha I'm searching for any youtube videos of live evolutions and how they make some amazingly crisp art. Have you found any?

right on, i appreciate it. When you make a piece, do you do one single prompt at first, or do you go all out on the first one?

i also ask because you have some incredible work... literally why i wonder where I'm lacking.

absolutely. thank you!

Thank you, hope it helps 💙

Replying to: Bluou absolutely. thank you!

No problem, I hope it helps, and if I see some good tutorials; then I’ll make sure to link them here :)

Replying to: RedBylix How do you upscale it

Click on the image itself, and there should be buttons that pop up. One of the buttons looks like a small square, and if you click on that one; it will then say how many credits it costs to upscale it. You only need one credit to upscale the creation to be more clear. But you can upscale it further, it just costs more credits.



Congrats!!! 🏆🌟

Amazing work congratulations ❤👏

Love the idea and the colours 🖤💙❤️

Stunning! Congratulations! 😍🥳 Following 🤗

Incredible! Amazing idea!!

Whoa that's really good!

Wow just fabulous following bc i found this challenge really hard to think of anything yet you captured it so perfectly

congrats on the win! great image

Amazing, great work!

Really cool! I actually tried similar prompts, but they only produced regular Bottles, guess I'll have to experiment with the settings a little more. This is very inspiring! <3

Sweet🤘💀🤘 Following


Awesome, congrats!

Beautiful, I had a similar image in mind but I just couldn't figure out how.💕

Thank you all so much, I love you all!

New... gucci emo... (available at your nearest macys destination)

i have an image that's simular

Pandora's Jar, it's a unique and amazing piece and take

following u bz of this!

Excellent rendering and congrats.

wow, this is incredible! 💙

💛💛💛💛so awesome

love this this is awesome

If you mind could you please check out my page and give me some tips?


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