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Surfs up, Santa!
Surfs up, Santa!

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a month ago

Surfs up, Santa!

Created a month ago Β· 113 commentsΒ· 436 likesΒ·πŸͺ™ 1

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I love that he has a fin.

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Anonymous User

Santa Surfer Coming in June 2025

a monthReply

YES. I'd watch it.

Lol, that's sooo epic! IMO, he looks more like Gandalf than Santa!

that's exactly what I thought! haha

Dat permanent marker shark fin

HAHAHA. Right?!

Move over Rudolph. Next year I'm tsunami-ing the pressies to the kiddies! Surf's UP! :-)

Thank you Nafri!

Lol, this is very cool!

Hahaha. Thanks.

Replying to: Mormookiee Hahaha. Thanks.


Thank you, Hirai!

This is incredible, the kind of thing I'd hang above my couch on the wall!

Wow! THANK YOU! All credit to Midjourney and NC style transfer.

He absolutely has the right to a few days off ...


Thanks Moonlight!

Much appreciated, AB!

Pretty BA AI...LOL...what do you do with your creations?

This one was created in Midjourney and I liked it so much I didn't edit it at all here. I just transferred it over because I love the NightCafe community so much.

Thanks Banger!

Much appreciated, as always, AIART4U!

This is amazing so cool

Thanks so much, Gareth!

So cool 😍😍😍

Thank you Cinny!

fire! help me get 25 comments on a post pls! /creation/djaGkRKvebfenlMbN9mJ

Haha. Thanks Jane!

So cool😎

He deserves one!


Thank you, Chels!

Thanks so much, Richy!

Tubular! Working off those cookies and milk, I see! He looks really fit! ❀️❀️❀️

He does! Thank you!

Haha. Thanks DD.

Gracias, mi amigo.

Thank you, my friend!

On his way to deliver presents to the good fish of the sea!

HAHAHA. Right?!

Artist πŸͺ™ 1

You are welcome!!!

Replying to: Mormookiee You are welcome!!!

I don't know was this "tipping" mean .. but it is me respond for a great work ..

Replying to: AIquarius I don't know was this "tipping...

Well, you are welcome!

Thanks D11! Have a great day, man.

All right Santa is hanging 10!

The guy deserves a vacation

One of the best and creative creations I’ve seen here in a while! Following to see moreπŸ”₯

Thank you very much!!

I was thinking he's a cross between George Carlin and Jimmy Buffett

I can see it! :D

Heck yeah, Panda.

On Dasher! On Dancer!


His reindeers are deffo' the best tow-in crew going round.

This is exactly how he visits us in Hawai'i. We kinda short on snow so sled is no good, so he catches the winter swell at North Shore instead

YES!!!! Love it, Angel.

Yessssss i love it soo good:)!!!!!

Thanks my friend!!

Awesome man! Great job!

Where did you find the photo of my grandfather surfing in hawaii? Giggless :) have a nice day.

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