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bella (candy wrapper)
bella (candy wrapper)
a month ago

bella (candy wrapper)

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After appreciating Josef Albers’ square paintings, I was heading to the next room, but I stopped at a pile of candy in the corner of the room. It was called “Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.).” Everyone’s grabbing a candy from the pile—including me. Then, a girl with long flowing brown hair asks me why everyone’s grabbing candy from a corner pile. I explained that Félix González-Torres, the artist behind the work, dedicates this work to her lover who passed away from AIDS-related illness. I also explained the symbolism behind it, like how the weight of the pile weighs exactly the same as Ross before he has AIDS. Another mini lecture, but I guess I left her speechless. Though, I have to make sure her consciousness is still here. I offer her that I would throw their candy wrapper after they were done eating. I hope she wouldn’t mind.

part of how to be an anime being 2: the appendix collection, made for @bellabon

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amazing & unexpected, I truly love it

a monthReply

i’m glad u love it :)

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