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Lazy Beach
Lazy Beach

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3 months ago

Lazy Beach

Created 3 months ago Β· 76 commentsΒ· 721 likes

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Made for the "beaches" challenge. Inspired by Quiet Volcano /u/QuietVolcano.

Feel free to have a look at my horror collection:


And if you want even more, have a look at the outtakes:


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""Beautiful beach!!! tropical island!! epic beautiful colorful sky with epic clouds!!", hyperdetailed Anime style detailed matte painting by Ismail Inceoglu, Studio Clamp, Gazelli, Hayao Miyazaki and Yoshitaka Amano, a masterpiece, top-down perspective, 16k resolution, trending on artstation, volumetric lighting, vibrant triadic colors, extreme wide shot"


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Anonymous User

Wooow! I want to go there immediately thank you very much

3 monthsReply

Let's go! πŸ–β€

2 monthsReply


It makes me want to go on holiday - currently pouring with rain here :(

lol same here, way too cold!

Oh I wish.. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

Let's go to the beach ❀

Let's go! ❀❀

Thank you so much :)

This is beautiful! Looks like a relaxing paradise

Just what I need right now.. :)

The beaches challenge passed already thoβ€”

It did! That's one of my many outtakes lol

Very beautiful though I like it a lot

Appreciate it!

Submitted another one. Big mistake I guess lol

Thank you for your kind words! :)

Looking at this made me so happyπŸ₯Ί

Aww that makes me happy!

Let's go together Gazelli πŸΉπŸ¨β˜€οΈβ›±οΈπŸ©΄

Let's go Plommo πŸ₯°β€ wanna play in the waves!

Yay!!! 😁πŸ₯°πŸ’—

wow that is a lot of likes for night cafe great job keep it going!!

Thank you Angel Hills! I'll try :D

So awesome 😍

Thank you my dearest tank engine

Where can I buy tickets???!?!?!

It's really beautiful!!

Thank you Naybuh!

Replying to: Gazelli Thank you Naybuh!

You're welcome!

Only have 10 credits right now, so maybe not today, sorry!


Damn, I'm so disappointed I didn't see it in the challenge. Magnificent one

lol made the wrong choice again or so it seems :D I'll try to remember: always ask lapi before submitting something

Followed It won't notify though

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Wha…how?! This is the most amazing beach photo I’ve ever seen. This is a complete masterpiece. The voting theme is, β€œBeaches”? You would win that competition. You are insane. Thank you very, very much.

Aww thank you! Didn't win but I appreciate the sentiment :)

Thanks Trev!

Let’s say that I can’t say anything …


so beautiful πŸ’™

Thank you Hirai!

take me there now! beautiful! πŸ€πŸ’¦

We can go together πŸ–β€

Thank you so much!

crazy long breaks ideal for surfers 😸 the the coastal indentation shape reminds me of a place IRL: Piha Beach

Yeah you can surf as much as you want there 😊



Thank you again!

Oh yeah, me too!

I'll build a house there. Wait...don't know how to build.

A relaxing masterpiece

Thank you Alio! :)

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