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Mental Wellness Art
Mental Wellness Art
a year ago

Mental Wellness Art

Created a year ago · 90 comments· 0 likes



Mental Wellness

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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I wish meditation worked for me.

a yearReply

genial parece una ilustracion

Mental wellness is very important—she must be very strong, as I could never have any mental wellness with my two hair flowers at slightly different altitudes.

fantastic. this should be put to wall. pure art

Oh yess, very nice :-)

You've captured it!

Would look cool on a wellness poster, great job with this one 👍

Following ✌️

Great positive energy ❤️

I love this, I have a similar one but instead she is facing the moon.

Yoga, man you're gonna win something fs

Fabulous creation!!😍😍


looks interesting especially the effect with the blue and green eye ^_^

Meditation was my first attempt as well for mental wellness. The foot on the left from my viewpoint is doubled and needs correction. Other than that looks pretty good.

:-)-I--<💚 VERY COOL ! 💚>--I-(-:

In silence you will find the power!

Gorgeous use of colors.

Sweet! I like it very much :)


Beautiful!! Similar to mine, but she was facing away and towards the sun. Nice job

That is great :) Truly feeling the Zen attitude !


Aww man. Is this what they meant with the challenge? Lol. I'm gonna fail again, but you may have a winner here.

nice, I hope you like my work too?

Better than my submission, no wonder you get 60+ more comments then my posts do.

Fantastic creation!

Lovely. Ought to be a poster for mental wellness.

Wow.. Great job here...

Very nice, mysterious and calming!

Beautiful composition!

Very nice and I find it a bit funny she has 3 feet.

This is such a great artpiece, I like the use of complementary colors ^_^

She is well and truly elsewhere I think!

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