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Star Wars selfie
Star Wars selfie
a year ago

Star Wars selfie

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Daily Challenge #107:Silly Selfies

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POV you’re in the middle of a fight in Star Wars and then they say “you’re in our shot!” And then they just get blasted.

a yearReply

haha! Brilliant back story!

Replying to: Mal Travers haha! Brilliant back story!

Thank you it came off the top of my head but theirs came off!!


definitely my favorite!!

thank you very much!


Congratulations, well executed!

Awesome!!! Congratulations!!! =D <3 <3 <3

thank you very much!

Omg awesome ❤️

Congratulations 💞

No way! Very creative!

hah! that's great! :)

Hehe, very cool! Congrats!

thank you very much! :)

Awesome! Congratulationsss!

hey thank you!! :)

definitely the best

Love it, congrats!

that's awesome!! Keep it up!

Replying to: Mal Travers hey thanks!

your welcome

Thank you sir it came off the top of my head but their heads came off!!

How did I miss this!?

:-) Thanks for the tip!

Have you seen the new T-17?

"The T-17s, as far as I can tell, are a great improvement" :)

Woww, congratulations!

oh well, but yours are really cool, too!

hey thanks, much appreciated 😀

haha! this is awesome :D

:) Glad you like it!

nice you have many nice work ♥♥♥

thanks very much! glad you like them!

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