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The Perfect Getaway
The Perfect Getaway
2 months ago

The Perfect Getaway

Created 2 months ago · 54 comments

CoherentShortMedium Res7.4x

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"Beautifully hellish Seascape photography by Carr Clifton, by Galen Rowell #film Kodak Ektar 8k resolution; Night on a fantasy world, concept art by Daniel Lieske, by Dan Witz 8K 3D 16K"

Weight: 0.4

"4K 64 megapixels 8K resolution Kodak Ektar 3D shading AppGameKit Cinema 4D IMAX rendered in Blender shadow depth Unreal Engine ZBrush Centra"

Weight: 1

"Mayen temple, Egypt ruins, Greece in Roman ruins, ancient ruins"

Weight: 0.4

"The marriage of heaven and hell; William Blake; angels; demons; Matthäus Merian the Elder; Yoshitaka Amano; oni"

Weight: 0.1

"8k resolution concept art detailed painting hyperdetailed trending on Artstation Unreal Engine DSLR #film Unreal Engine 5 VRay ZBrush ZBrush Central deviantart oil on canvas beautiful artwork"

Weight: 0.9

"scratches, paint flecks, noisy, dirty, unclear, Watermark"

Weight: -1

"a beautifully and highly detailed painting of a planetwide extraterrestrial city, by Caspar David Friedrich, Martin Johnson Heade and Lee Madgwick"

Weight: 0.2

"Colorful psychedelic kaleidoscope multicolored iridescent LSD DMT hallucinations holographic fantasy astral projection chromatic cosmic ethereal space rainbow nebula galaxy opalescent polychromatic divine being by Pablo Amaringo watercolor"

Weight: 0.5

"A beautifully strange painting of a portal in New York City by Benoit B. Mandelbrot, Steven Belledin, Martin Johnson Heade, Lee Madgwick, Caspar David Friedrich, and Dan Mumford"

Weight: 1

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Anonymous User


2 months agoReply

Woah…once again you killed it!! Just amazing!

Great use of color, shadow, and details! The glow from the arched tunnel really gets your attention too.

Amazing..just how tho?




Thank you all for your comments!!!

Such high quality render 😍😍😍

Your stuff keeps getting better and better! Well done, buddy.

The hobbits doing mushrooms again

this reminds me of alfheim in god of war 2018

very pretty, and very cool!!

Thanks everyone!

It truly looks perfect ✨ Whimsical af

Wow. Followed 👍🏻

I think AI has image memory sometimes and whether or not you prompt it, it incorporates it. Love this, btw.

🤖 NightCafe

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