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ArcaneScape II
ArcaneScape II

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6 months ago

ArcaneScape II

Created 6 months ago Β· 117 commentsΒ· 2047 likes

CoherentShortMedium Res8.9x

View the collection: /collection/cNWN6yvarkgqH6HaVnq5 Prompts from the great @Sithiis, thanks!!! Edited by me and with my own starter image

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Anonymous User


6 monthsReply

Thank you!

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon ❀️

Stay Awesome

Beautiful instant follow

The different layers look really cool and dramatic.

Very happy with it. Of course, please visit @sithiis and look at their remarkable work!

Cool design, must have been quite the prompt.

Naming architecture, artists, and rendering tools mostly. Of course weighing things like blur negative

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon Naming architecture, artists,...

And that's why you have over 1000 followers. You have my respect.

Very awesome, definitely following back

Thanks so much! Always admiring your work

Soooooo cool my friend

awesome ! 😍

I dig this, would fit like a Ne Obliviscaris album.

Haha! I love ne obliviscaris.

Giger was the king of metal album art if you ask me.. and I plug his name into almost everything I post.

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon Haha! I love ne obliviscaris....

I can tell, you have some great stuff. I really like the art of ZdzisΕ‚aw BeksiΕ„ski and Mariusz Lewandowski so I always plug their stuff into the algorithm

Replying to: PuckeredSchloot I can tell, you have some grea...

You're the first I've seen to use Mariusz as well. Lifelong favourite.. RIP

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon You're the first I've seen to...

This is the first I heard that he died, but you are right I just looked it up, fuck. that's actually got me proper bummed out. Loved his work.

Replying to: PuckeredSchloot This is the first I heard that...

Yeah it was recent. Another prolific metal album cover cat

This one is my favorite so far!


You always come up with cool stuff


Thanks for commenting on my post (super cool)

I just got top daily creation on this! Thanks so much everyone!

Thats sick, looks liek something fitting in the warhammer 40k universe

Thank you. It's blowing my mind how this one's blown up overnight. I'm still fairly new here.

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon Thank you. It's blowing my min...

Yeah so am I, only been here about twice as long as you, you seem to be dominating over the last day, whatever you're doing is working ha. cheers πŸ‘Œ

I need help on credits lol please πŸ™ comment or like my creations and I'll do the same for you πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

This looks like an entrance to an ancient arena. I love it!

🍻 awesome work definitely pick up a new follower.

Ayo these are wild what the heck

Love the flow of this one.

wow how did ypu coded this


Peacefully symmetric. Well done!

This looks so epic! I’d love to see this in a story.

WOW!!! That is amazing you should check out my stuff

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