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"The Harbour District" at peace time
"The Harbour District" at peace time
2 months ago

"The Harbour District" at peace time

Created 2 months ago · 75 comments· 1823 likes·🪙 1

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""The docks District" Magical, Intricate, Digital, Scenic, Hyperdetailed, docks, merchants, tower of faith, Complex, Royo, Rutkowski, Greg Olsen; Bagshaw, Chevrier, Ferri, Kaluta, cinema 4D, Cinematic, WLOP, HDR"

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Anonymous User

Yes, this one is great too, love the differences between the two. The buildings and masts that stretch into the sky add a great unique flavor to the skyline.

2 monthsReply

Thanks so mich


Wow this looks really good! Followed!

That’s amazing! 👏

Sepakat....sangat bagus


Wow, this steam punk harbor is amazing! & thank you for commenting on my drummer cat! ; )

You bet! thanks for the comment!

Wow, that’s some image! Really inspiring

Quite relaxing. The contrast between wartime and peacetime is noticeable, and the fog is also a nice touch. Great job!

Thanks! I'm glad you noticed :)

Great lights on this picture!

Really impressive, and inspirating work.

Oh this is just gorgeous

Great scenery and atmosphere 👍

Absolutely gorgeous! Do you mind checking out my steampunk work?


The atmosphere is really warm

I am trying to understand are we using the same tools?

Yes, they're the same. After each one I typically Upscale it further. The prompt is open, you can copy word for word if you'd like, change a few things, etc. That's how I learned what many of these prompts do, is by removing one, or adding one, and seeing what it does

For sure one of my favorite pictures

Wow, what a masterpiece???

I love the work and everything

I love how it looks! Great job!

that's really nice

This is amazing. Would make a good scene from a book.

O man i wanna see this on fire

This is so cool followed!

Images like that just blow me away ..

The detail in this is lovely. I really love the way the surface of the water came out.

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