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Untitled Creation
Untitled Creation
a month ago

Untitled Creation

Created a month ago Β· 80 commentsΒ· 1208 likes

CoherentLongMedium Res8.9x

Daily Challenge #10: Fantasy Landscapes

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.

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Anonymous User


a monthReply

Love πŸ’—

OOh! Talk about eye candy. Beautiful! i can see this in a private library...

Long live Coherent 😁!



So unfair that I can't live there. Love this so much.

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon I RETURN


Your coherent pieces are awe-inspiring


This is so beautiful

WOW, just.... wow (say that in Owen Wislsons voice)

Currently in a tie for top daily 🀘

Nice. I didn't expect this one to do so well

Just insane look at all the detail and the color melt awesome

Nice! You should check out my art!

best one I've seen tbh

Other worldly πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Congratulations on the top spot for the comp, very well deserved.

Thank you! Proud to be the first coherent creation to take top spot!!

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon Thank you! Proud to be the fir...

A great advert to get others to step out of their stable safety bubbles (myself included)

Replying to: Calm Yak A great advert to get others t...

Stable is amazing.. I just have more fun personally in coherent. Stable is definitely the future of this

Replying to: BlackMetalBrandon Stable is amazing.. I just hav...

I would imagine least until the branching off into video and 3d modelling becomes more commonplace.

Very beautiful 🀩

Reminds me of Stranger Things

your artworks are perfect!

This is absolutely not ugly πŸ’œ

This is amazing, it's so mesmerising.


this is so hauntingly beautful!

I was the 600th like

This is really awesome!!!

Love that lack of title. Image says it all

Wow! That's amazing!!!

You have to upscale this imperial landscape

whats your favorite type of cheese?

This is really a masterpiece

That's pretty epic!

This is off the charts

Can we talk about how many people said, wow?

Please comment on one of my arts. TY.

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