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a month ago


Created a month ago · 84 comments· 640 likes

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Yesteday was ship and horror day, lol.

If you like this you might enjoy this collection:


And if you want even more, have a look at the outtakes:


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""Large pirate ship!!! stormy sea!! rain!! high waves!! lightning!!", insanely detailed and highly intricate digital illustration by Andreas Achenbach, M.W. Kaluta, Anton Fadeev, Arai Yoshimune, Killian Eng, Simon Stålenhag, Gazelli, and Yoshitaka Amano, a masterpiece, epic scale, 8k resolution, trending on artstation, dramatic"

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Anonymous User

Yo ho!

a monthReply



Thank you Seraphina :)

Thanks Morten!

Thank you very much! Happy you like it :)

Anchors aweigh!

I love tall ships! Wonderful.

Happy you like it!

Man overboard! I repeat, man overboard!

That’s right, man overboard!

A very tall ship lol (its really good tho)

Thank you Duncan!

Oh my, Gazelli, this is beautiful! 😍

Yay, happy you like it!

Replying to: Gazelli Yay, happy you like it!

Believe me, I do!!

Thank you very much Electra!

Thank you Buddha, I appreciate it!

This is so great! I fear for the poor kid on the crow's nest


LOL I already feel seasick just looking at it! 🤢😆

Thank you! :)

Thank you Arwen!

Thank you Yellowstar!

Fantastic! Very nice!

Glad you like it Lacyduck! :)

On the one hand, I adore the aesthetic of the ship and how the sky and the waves look. It's fantastic! But on the other hand, those sails give me anxiety. They can't possibly be structurally sound...

They probably aren't. Note to myself: don't let ai design ships.

Thank you! :)

Thank you Uba!

These details are just breathtaking !

Thank you for all of your kind comments, appreciate it!

Thank you Lyss! Really means a lot :)

Thank you again, Boecklin!

That's some big masts you have here

Why does that sound kinda suggestive.. 🤣

Great work 💗

Thank you so much Queenie!

Not sure if serious 🤔

Yay top daily!! :D

Aww thank you Tomer! First time for me, can't believe it 😍

That is a *tall* sail!

Maybe that's the reason why it looks like it's about to capsize 🤣

It probably is, lol!

Truly! ❤️

Glad you like it! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Dave!

This is absolutely amazing! Perfect combination of ship and horror

Thank you again madz! :)

This is epic, love the composition and how dynamic it came out 😱

Really appreciate it, thank you! :)

Thank you very much Cathy!


Thanks, bro could you check out my stuff?

Thank you! ❤️❤️

Thank you Sissi!


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