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A secret garden
A secret garden
a year ago

A secret garden

Created a year ago · 79 comments· 0 likes


In a long forgotten place

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Liked And Followed! <3

a yearReply

This is beautiful. The mushroom-shaped trees look like cherry blossoms.

Just published about a secret garden: Maybe from this one?

Beautiful! Liked and Followed


Thank you so much Midnight❤️❤️



Thanks Stockvixen! I apprechiatbit❤️

Cheeers mate❤️

Replying to: Kenmyh Cheeers mate❤️




Thanks Cushla! I apprechiat it😍

Congratulations on a well-deserved seat at top hourly 🥳

Wow!! Thanks and yaaay🤩🤩

Thanks MEG! Glad you likes it😊

Cheeers mate❤️

Wow that's really pretty! I love the mushroom trees!

Yeah They Are awsome🤩

very good creation

Thanks Morten!!🤩

Replying to: Kenmyh Thanks Morten!!🤩

No problem and you are welcome as always ! Thank you so much for the gift !!!


Beautiful! Love the details!


What puzzle do you have to solve to get this?

Its an enigma for sure 😩 You can try to evolve it😀

Wow! You do a nice job. 👍

Wooo pink mushroom trees!!😍😁

I love this. I have been following you for a while now and love your work!

Alice in wonderland for sure.

absolutely stunning

Ya dude this looks great!

wow such a innovative landscape i love this!

very cute, i thought the trees were mushrooms at first :D

This makes me smile SO HARD! It's just so wonderful! 😍💗

And Boom! this one jumps out the screen at you. Captivating!!

Beautiful Color Contrast

Morrowind vibes on this one

Beautiful garden ❤

wow. this is gorgeous!! I liked and followed! Can you check out my creations and give me your expert opinion too lol

That is so beautiful oh wow

what the name of this pink trees?

This is one of my favorite creations I saw so far and it inspires me a lot. Thank you. 💗

whats your favorite type of cheese?

Its beautiful wow! You deserve top for the month more than any of the creations on this page ❤

what was the prompt?

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"A gorgeous secret garden in a flower forest landscape in an tropical forest by Ismail Inceoglu and Studio Ghibli, fountain, 8 k, anime art style, cover art, Octane Render made by Studio Ghibli, great detail of depth, epic scenery, complementary colors, rainy setting, fantasy, torches, ominous atmosphere"




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