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Lord of the Strings: Bandalf
Lord of the Strings: Bandalf
a month ago

Lord of the Strings: Bandalf

Created a month ago · 217 comments· 1057 likes·🪙💰💸 11

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Anonymous User

love that! hilarious!

a monthReply

Thank you very much, EV!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Thank you very much, EV!

Oh my- I've been called by name- terrifying!

Replying to: EV Dreamer Oh my- I've been called by nam...

Hahaha! It's a compliment.

🤣🤣 You're giving me a stomach ache from cracking me up so much

That is the highest compliment anyone could ever give me, Gazelli!



LMAO! Best comment, hands down :D :D

This is why comments need a like button! ❤️

Replying to: NightCafe Studio This is why comments need a li...

Night cafe its SELF replying to MY comment? WOWZA!

Now that comments have a like button, I came back especially to give yours a like :)

Thanks, ET. I've missed you!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Thanks, ET. I've missed you!

Sorry, I haven’t been on Night Cafe for a while. I’ll try to check in more often!

I’m just happy to see you. What do you do for work?

ROFL ... you keep pulling them out of your hat ... and I keep liking them ... nice one Mr Wookie

Too king, CG! Too kind!

Good composition! Such a shame the AI gets the hands wrong so often, I experienced the same problem when I tried pictures of someone playing the electric guitar.

Thank you, Double J. Yeah, someday it'll get there! The future is bright.

LMAO! I would be one of those superfans who go to every concert. I bet he has the most interesting lyrics!

Oh, heck yes! Bandalf is wise and talented. :D

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Oh, heck yes! Bandalf is wise...

Would Bandalf and the Fellowship be a collaborative act, or a full-fledged band? LOL :P

Replying to: Obelisk of Light Would Bandalf and the Fellowsh...

More to come. :D

Replying to: Mormonwookiee More to come. :D


That look on his face. I feel like he’s going to start ranting about peace.

You know how these hippy artists are.

Gracias! I liked it too.


Thanks so much! I was really happy with it as well.


Thanks my friend! You are always too kind to me!

Lol. Rock all the fantasy!

Riffing his way across the Misty Mountains

Gearing up for the Battle of the Five Bands.

🪙 1
Replying to: Mormonwookiee Gearing up for the Battle of t...

One chord to rule them all

Replying to: Mormonwookiee LOL!!!!!!


Is that guy literaly a wizard with an electric guitar?

🪙 1

Lord of the Strings

"Gandalf, Rock Hero"

Standing in the ash, with his head hung low Couldn't find a thicket, didn't know where to go Heard a roar from the orcs, Sauron making a scene Peeked over the wall, let out a muffled scream He heard one guitar, nearly blew him away He saw fire in his mind, and ten leagues away

He bought a beat up six string, near the dock of Numenor, Didn't know how to slay it, but he knew Isildor That one guitar, felt good in the hands Didn't take long, to free the lands

Just one guitar, slung way down low Was a one way ticket, only one way to go So the wizard started rockin', ain't never gonna stop Gotta keep on rockin', someday gonna make it to the top

(continues in comments)

Gandalf, rock wizard Has flames in his eyes Gandalf, rock wizard Went to 11 from zero (got flames in his eyes) Gandalf, rock wizard Magic comes alive

Went to the Shire, in a heavy downpour Thought he passed his own shadow, by the Hobbit's door, Like a trip through the past, to that day on Mount Doom, And that one guitar, cut through the gloom

Now he needs to keep on rockin', he just can't stop Gotta keep on rockin', Gandalf has got to stay on top

(You know the rest) For /u/R460trRvfSSrOfSr5vBRcOuW5pP2

Replying to: NoBadJuju Gandalf, rock wizard Has flame...

Fantastic, good sir! Simply fantastic!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Fantastic, good sir! Simply fa...

I'm a Sister, but I appreciate it 🤣 Playing this song in SS for sure. I really want to buy this on a t-shirt from your redbubble. Is it available?

Replying to: NoBadJuju I'm a Sister, but I appreciate...

Well, thank you, madam! I wish! I can’t do any licensed ones (Star Wars, LotR). I should reach out to whoever the copyright holder is and see if they will give me permission though!

Thanks Steve! I, too, am a Steve.

Thank you, my friend!

LOL GANDALF!! Have you seen the Rings of Power?

Not yet. Rewatching the extended versions first. Just finished Fellowship.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Not yet. Rewatching the extend...

All of them are so good!!

:D Thanks Bobbo Baggins!

It's so stupid yet so fun! I'm really addicted.

Great title, great work! Heil BHandalf!

Thank you, as always, my friend!

A work of art, a master piece, should be hanged in a museum

LOL. You, Mr or Mrs Turtle, are quite generous!

LMAO this turned out spectacular

Thank you so much, Oliver. I was thrilled with how well it worked out! 🎶

That's awesome! Rock, You Fools!


these are to great 👍

Thank you so much!

Thanks! Great username, lolol!

I have no words for this masterpiece

You are truly too kind!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Thanks so much!

Thank you! I had so much fun making it.

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I sure enjoyed making it.

Thanks! Love the user name.

Not heart comment like 40 messages message info date may I know I am dreams mother and father and I will be at the park and I will be at the park and I will be at the park and I will be at the park and

Have fun at the park.

Love how completely done he looks and the fact that this is your most liked ever 🤣

Gandalf would have never crossed my mind as someone who plays an electric guitar.

Gracias, mi amigo!

Hahaha. Thank you!

Well deserved viral post. What a lituation this is!

Thank you very much, Griswold!

Thanks so much, JaRP. Have a great day!

Brilliant image and title!

Thank you so much, Moon!

Awesomeness 😎❤️

Thank you, my friend! I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Russ!

I am dying!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!

ROCK ON, YOU FOOLS! Thanks man.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee ROCK ON, YOU FOOLS! Thanks man...

I like to see characters out of character.

That's one of my favorite things to make. I love being silly.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee That's one of my favorite thin...

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! You keep on doing cool stuff

It's also giving me a dumbledore rockstar vibe lol

Oooooh, that could be another fun series.

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Oooooh, that could be another...

yes! great minds think alike!


Gimli: and my sax! 😝

...castin'A RockN'Roll spell : )

lets get this post to 1000 likes!

Christopher Lee was the metalhead of the cast.

Love me some Gandalf!


And THIS is a perfect example of why you get so many likes on your work mormonwookiee! This is just sooo good😁

Replying to: Mormonwookiee THANK YOU!

It's true and you're very welcome 😊

Replying to: Artsy_Mel It's true and you're very welc...

I really appreciate you.

Thanks Bubble Fox!

Thank you so much!

wow, i just went through all of your creations

THAT is a LOT to go through!

Thank you very much, LeginKat!

Replying to: Mormonwookiee Thank you very much, LeginKat!

Yup, huge lotr fan.


Best thing I've ever seen. Thanks for the laugh.

Well, THAT is very kind of you to say! You're welcome.

YEAHH IT HAS 1,000 LIKES!!!!!!

I know, right? Crazy!

🤖 NightCafe