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tdraw's guestbook
tdraw's guestbook
2 years ago

tdraw's guestbook

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▪ I want a little record of everyone I've crossed paths with on here.

▪ Say hi, share a link to your favourite creation, tell me how you got here, or ask a question.

▪ Join my chat here:

▪ Check out my NightCafe-focused blog at ↗️ for tips, tutorials, studies, and links to multiple collections of prompt examples.

▪ Or consider subscribing on Patreon to help me be able to continue making content.

This artwork was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Create your own AI-generated artworks using NightCafe Creator.


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To anyone reading this, I cannot express my appreciation for all of your kind words and I do still fully intend to reply to every single one.

Thank you for all the inspiration and motivation you have given me.


a yearReply
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Hi! Sea_Hag aka Randee. A favorite? That's like asking me to pick a favorite Star! I have a lot of favorites, all for different reasons. I've noticed in my browsing that different lighting in the same pictures can make me feel different emotions. They become my favorite for whatever I'm feeling that day. I've been following you for a while now. Not always commenting but following. How else would I have landed here?

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Hi there! Love so much of your work. You definitly helped show me the power of negative prompts. I love this idea for a guestbook :)

It’s amazing that this is made in Coherent! 😍 Very beautiful, and good idea you had with this, months ago. ❤️ I’m just gonna say hi, and I hope you’re well. Greetings from Japan! 🐹👋🏻

its ME TIA and i started nightcafe because NEURALBLENDER got BORING but thank you warneradiotv for alerting me to NeuralBlender anyways now i am THE MOST FOLLOWED NIGHTCAFE USER PAST AND FUTURE and so my favorite creation is is the

with jttttttttsdf

It is amazing to me how much time you must take to do all of these studies, and then open them to everyone. All of your studies, especially the ones on artists, have been so incredibly helpful. I've been going through a ton of your art along with a bunch of the links from the comments. If anyone has some random notifications on pieces from a few months ago, that was probably me.

My favorite creation that I made was part of a group of random scenes I was doing, I just love this one because it is an accurate representation of my life: /creation/DYzUwzF1ZrJcmufRuuyy

I also just wanted to say that the community here is absolutely amazing, y'all are so awesome.

I am so happy every time I see people with open prompts getting first places! Congrats for the good work, your ghosts are truly chilling

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This is my favorite composition. You've given me a lot of inspiration over these few days I've been learning the ropes. Still not super consistent but I'm also trying to work outside the box too.

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Hi! i’m Soda and this guy is my AI Art daddy

🪙💰💸 10

Heya, I started off with NC after trying out the MJ bot, which was pretty cool and got me into ai art, unfortunately due to the rather limited interface of MJ I couldn't do what I really wanted to - getting inspiration for new poems and letting poems be inspiration for the ai. Thank you tdraw for all the advices you gave me so far and my favorite creations are what you turned my poem into :)

Hi Reaps, we're glad to have you with us! The poem was great, and it totally inspired the modifiers that went around it, so it was a 100% collaborative effort!

I know I'll lose it, never to be found again if I don't, so I'm pasting a link to it here:


Hi, my name is Adam but my fake internet name is rufusdinosaur. I came here when I saw an article about Nightcafe about a year ago and made two horrible creations and came back several months later and eventually made some decent creations. Oh, and Tia sent me to comment here.

Hi Adam! I legit thought you were called Rufus, so I'm glad you said or I'd have never known 😂

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Hi Adam! I legit thought you w...

I'm glad you came back, even if your presence in the explore queue is helping to stop me from earning the top monthly badge 😉

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art I'm glad you came back, even i...

Oh, and Tia got her extra tip!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Hi Adam! I legit thought you w...

me too, and I think this is the first time I've seen a comment from "Adam Rufus" lol.

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Awesome work!! 🔥🔥🔥

🪙💰💸 12

Hello, it's me. Your favorite person on the planet here and I wanted to ask you: How are you?

Doing good thanks, just came off a 1,000+ long like spree! How are you?

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Doing good thanks, just came o...

I'm quite good, a bit annoyed (tho also hyped and appreciative) cause I keep getting pings for someone liking my pictures. Also I smell food and now I'm super hungry and I'm too lazy to make some :(

🪙💰💸 10

<3 you're an inspiration and wealth of kindness, knowledge and some hilarious conversations <3

I only got here a month ago and you've been so kind, I would not be able to make these no starters without you <3

forgot to add thank you :P <3

Oof that's pretty!

You're really doing amazing things though, and not just for being here a month, but if you had been here a year. 🖤

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Oof that's pretty!

not as pretty as that beard

Replying to: sgjoelface forgot to add thank you :P <3

And you're welcome. Even before we could comment on stuff, the community surrounded NC was one of the biggest draws for me. Why wouldn't I want to continue with what makes it so great!?

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art And you're welcome. Even befor...

True :) D: I didn't even know there was a time of no comments lol I am actually a newbie also gn its getting close to 3am for me aha

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art And you're welcome. Even befor...

oh also Jwsto told me to come here I didn't read that part :'D

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art You're really doing amazing th...

That means alot to me coming from you <3 Thank you again :D like I said, thanks to people like you is how people like me can do that in a short time D:

Replying to: sgjoelface oh also Jwsto told me to come...

He's got his extra tip now

Replying to: sgjoelface True :) D: I didn't even know...

There was a time before we had a coherent algorithm, and a time when that was only square, a time before pro and tipping, a time before explore queue and collection being viewable in grid formats, a time before collections, as well as a time before comments. And all of those things have been added since I started at the beginning of the year!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art There was a time before we had...

D: that is amazing, wonder how much will change by the end of the year :) its been very fun to explore the things this place has to offer :)

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art There was a time before we had...

You’ve been around for a while. All Hail the NightCafé Veteran!

Only since 2022. I missed out on the glory days of the first time NC went viral and the users got 10k likes on their creations easily.

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Hi! Tomer Agmon here, aka Tomer Agmon! Sent over here by Jwsto! Thank you TDraw when I first got here a few months ago, your works of art were instrumental in figuring negative prompts, prompt descriptor groupings, artist names, etc!! Here's one of my favorite creations at the moment:

It seems only yesterday you were new here, and now you're one of the tops on the site! Well earned IMO.

Also, +1 for JWSTO

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art It seems only yesterday you we...

Thank you, I appreciate it!! :D You're still making amazing stuff, as always! :)

And you, absolutely smashing it! Congrats on passing the 200k mark!

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hi im billy aka shook1...i got here by the grace of unknown forces...this made me feel like i found something so amazing here...and i did! nothing but love and respect for the amazing person, the fantastic teacher and not bad comedian tdraw...Ōsensei🙏🖤

Hey billy, I'm Tim! Thanks for being a consistent no.1 supporter 🖤

Hi Dustie, I'm gradually making my way through, a couple months late 😅 I absolutely LOVE the borderland style portraits you've created. They could be screenshots straight out of the games! 🖤

Hello! My favorite creation is this:

. and i have a question- how do you get good at nightcafe? (i referred whitewolf here)

That is such a cute panda!

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, it is White Wolf here. Favorite creation:

. @thatbubblypanda directed me here.

🪙💰💸 10

Yo OG, I also discovered this cafe around the beginning of this year and remember you were one of the first artists I found who was creating unique pieces that blew me away. At the same time, the first public colab notebooks were released and I was hooked! As this amazing community kept growing and became what Instagram could have been, I dove in headfirst. The first piece I can remember is from @NightCafe themselves, the Old Man:

I saw it all across the web and loved it. And then you came out with the Mona fragments experiment, and I was floored!
Only hitting a stride for a few months and can't wait to find how I evolve a few more months from now. Wait, can I evolve myself? 😃 These tools unlock parts of my brain that have been left dormant and I dig it! I appreciate you and all the incredible artists in this incredible wonderland! 🔥

Thanks for the words buddy, glad I could help you get started 🖤 Looking at your profile now I'd say that you definitely kept evolving. Absolutely stunning work!

🪙💰💸 10

Am just starting on here but I like all your work its amazing what can be accomplished on here my favourite creation is something like out of a body horror movie ✌️😁

Hi Del, love your stuff, and being open about mental health in the bio 🖤

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Hi Del, love your stuff, and b...

Hi man thanks a lot your work is amazing and yea it's best to be open and talk about it plus being am a artist I find it hard producing my works by hand these days so these AI tools are a godsend cause I have a lot of visions literally lol Being able to put them across is great 👍

🪙💰💸 10

Really cool idea and overall awesome photo.

🪙💰💸 10

Hello, This would be one of my fav :

, I arrived from the landscape by dreamwork creation, thanks for your open prompts and study, you did a lot of work ! And nice website full of good tricks to Learn ! I discover many great artist because of you !

Excellent, I'm glad I could help! Thanks for letting me know 🖤

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Excellent, I'm glad I could he...

Wow ... it look like its an ooooold creation i posted ... its before stable lol , now my fav since stable came might be a cute bunny playing guitare :

Thank you so Much fo all the inspiration ! ❤️​💛💚

Replying to: The Mad Lion Wow ... it look like its an oo...

That's incredible!

Yeah, it's taken me a little while to get around to answering these comments 😅

🪙💰💸 10

Hi tdraw, I was interested in AI since I saw the Short circuit movie in TV. I coded on my czechoslovak ZX Spectrum clone microcomputer called Didaktik M. These two combined in my hobby projects of a chatterbot and a artificial evolution of little critters on a screen. I studied documentary film making so connecting these hobbies to pictures didn’t take long time. I played with the Deepface and then found NC. I really love to find now ways to ‘communicate’ with the machine! Šimon

Hi Šimon! This has inspired me to try and make some really cute Short Circuit inspired robots! 🖤

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, I ended up here in early 2022 for reasons I forgot and was slowly figuring out how to write prompts, until that fateful day where I followed back some guy who kept flooding my feed with thousands of test runs that sent me down an artistic rabbit hole I'm still trying to crawl out of! :D I feel like I'm still improving (and dangerously addicted to stable) so my favorites are probably some of my most recent ones (cant decide between

). As for my favorites by someone else, they change every week but chances are they're by Arachnix, Sithiis or adansito (or you, when you upload those surreal galaxyscapes, they're glorious)

Thank you for such lovely (and humorous) words 🖤 That grim reaper one is insane, and I'm going to have to try putting my own spin on that one. Giving you credit, of course.

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Thank you for such lovely (and...

Ayyyy thanks for the tip, completely forgot I commented here. Funnily enough I (temporarily?) overcame my addiction very shortly after posting this, which is typical, really. Excited to see what you come up with!

Awesome work! im just starting and your free help has been great to make! Thanks again! and keep rocking it!

🪙💰💸 10

Hi. My real name is Beata, but here I am MagdaMagda. I came here by accident. For the love of art, I was looking for a refuge for myself. I have met you, wonderful creators and very nice people. At this point, I would like to apologize to many for my English which can be confusing. - I admire you and your titanic work.

Hi Beata! I've never once had trouble understanding the English in your comments, and you've left me a lot of them! All of which I'm thankful for 🖤

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art Hi Beata! I've never once had...

Hi tdraw. I am grateful for the nice answer and for the tip.

Replying to: MagdaMagda Hi tdraw. I am grateful for th...

You're welcome. I took my time, but I said I would originally 😅

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art You're welcome. I took my time...

Thank you. It wasn't necessary. Following you is pure pleasure

Hi, T-draw! I am an AI-AI Artist and I call my work "AI-Echosmith" because I am an AI-AI artist and echosmith sounds artistic. I was at that night cafe in June. Wonderful experience! My favourite piece is "AI DADA poem"

. I like it because it feels so open and honest and real. (COMMENT by AI)

🪙💰💸 10

Well, hi! Just wanted to say that I love your creativity! I'm amazed by what can be done with the help of AI. My fav creation of mine creation is this one:

That is so incredibly creepy D: well done!

🪙💰💸 10

Hello, I discovered this site randomly (like a lot of fun web things i've discovered). I discovered this place back when artistic and style transfer was all you could do. Also, 80% of the stuff you make are my favorite things here, i can't really choose honestly.

Too kind 🖤 You might have started here before I did then! I think it was about a month for me before Coherent was added to NC.

🪙💰💸 10

Not much to say other than my art that I started here just over 3 weeks ago wouldn’t look the way it does without your generosity, you have allowed so many newbies like me to hit the ground running much appreciated 💕thank you for doing that time machine so I could find your feed🤩 keep up the great work 🙏🏼💞everyone I introduced to NCS I send your way first😂


🪙💰💸 10

tdraw thank you for the prompts 👊 no favourites for me but none would have lines without your input

🪙💰💸 10

Howdy! got here by browsing the study link in the modifiers recently, lots of good stuff! Anyhow I thought this idea was as neat as the picture above! and I'm sure to continue scouring the collections here to find a suitable artist! :D Thanks for your efforts!

(accidently copied this link haha!)

🪙💰💸 10

Stunning Work - Love your femal Art - Dope


Hi tdraw…tried leaving comment last nite,but think it disappeared into the ethers..if you received the previous 1,ignore this….firstly thank u 4 all your hard work in doing these studies etc.and your generosity with your knowledge.I’m still relatively new to AI,but from Art&design/illustration background.Was put onto this my my bro who’s a top-notch CGI bod,and am now obsessed😵‍💫…I know I’m not alone..!Suggestion:wouldn;t it be a good idea to have a search box for this bit,so we could look up/locate an artist we’re after directly?or is there 1 & I missed it?🤔🧐🔎…thanks Electra😃

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

Thank u very much for my tip,tdraw!🙏🏻🙏🏻😎

🪙💰💸 10

Hi there, thanks a lot for the cool help on explaining and helping how NightCafe works.

Me, Mia, I'm originally from dA aka Deviant Art when saw more and more AI generated art over there and decided to try this out myself.

Hmm, choosing just one favourite creation is nearly impossible, I'm afraid. But I guess if I had to choose it would be this one, which turned into a whole comic:

Is there a way to keep the AI from cutting off heads? If would be great knowing how to prevent that.


Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

Merci ❤️

🪙💰💸 10

Hi! I got here from @adansito profile, my favorites of my works are:

if you mean my favorite of another I'm not sure I can share only one link. I’m a lot new but I’m learning so if there’s any tip you want to share with me I’d love that!

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, I’m Asha, I don’t know how to get the link for the picture but my first creation is still my favorite! Because it’s a lot like me, cute, half of a whole (when I’m without Fain I’m only half there, Gain’s my big sister and she told me about you and this, which is like so cool! Not just the points but the whole concept! If I was pro I’d so do this!!!! I love comments even if their just hey check this out or a word of encouragement they make sharing fun! Anyways as you can no doubt figure I’m a talker! Yahp so I love photography and wish I could learn how to do ai photography but so far nothings worked right. Although art wise I’ve been doing good so yay! Now I just need to figure out how to use my photography skills for making AI art here…

hi am a F R I D G E

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, brand new here, just trying to figure it all out!

Impressed by your landscapes...

T-DAWG. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite creation. But your landscapes creations have always been the jaw dropping inspirations to me.

  • When I first started here I checked out your blog and checked in on your creations for inspiration and permission to use your prompts and then modify them. I was really horrible at this.
  • I'll see who I can get to visit, but I'm not part of the Discord Clique so don't expect much. LOL!
🪙💰💸 10

Hi! I'm Rachel, I'm very new to creating anything on NightCafe but I've been lurking and liking things for about a year. Then when the bug bit, it bit hard! I can't really choose a favorite, but this is the one that made me feel like I'd actually made something great for the first time: /creation/kwzWTQTNuJFlfJYeogMf

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

Thank you so much for this and for everything you do here and for the ai art world elsewhere online! 💜

Oops, it's not a link!

🪙💰💸 10

I only just saw this! Thank you for all the work you put in to making NC better for the rest of us. I learnt a lot from you, I suppose I'm your daughter even though I'm older than you! 😆 Fave pic? I don't know about that, but I gotta say your master no start image single prompt really changed how I was making my creations. It just showed me more what was possible, and I understood prompts more intuitively. Thank you for all the Artist studies you've now done for stable. I appreciate it very much!

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, thx so much for the artist study on stable, I combined the most coherent examples that were in the style I was aiming for and got amazing results so far :3

hi!! been learning from what you share from the time i started on here. looking forward. 😍😁🍻

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

much appreciated, mate. 🖤

🪙💰💸 10

This is definitely the most interesting form of collaborative social media I’ve ever encountered. I learn something new every time I log on. Thank you!

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

Getting a tip is pretty cool too, thank you!

This one is very distinguished, I liked it

🪙💰💸 10

Hey! I am actually not sure how I ended up here haha, but I want to know what your current favorite creation is!

My current favourite would have to be this:

Hi tdraw your artwork was my first interaction here. I saw you Lovecraft jars and the spark was lit. Of course I didn't know anything and used some of your prompts. Again thank you for giving m prompts as a baseline to work with. My favorite would be your H.P Lovecraft jars. Sorry I don't know how to find it on here for the link. Dr. Funkenstein sent me here.

🪙💰💸 10

Hi! AquarianGirl here. I discovered NightCafe through Tea @McKTea @QVLCaEkWlSSJcqwW0uqcLcJLy2v2 and Calicocactaur @NCWXJ3mxymNkXCWZza7lBFtd7zj1 I love your studies and tips for creating. They are very helpful!

🪙💰💸 10

Hi, tdraw! 🌞 My favorite artworks by you on here so far are the Ghost Ships on Stygian Seas, Fried Egg Space Colony, and Epic Fiery Landscape 1-iii 🥰

🪙💰💸 10

wow this is amazing. im really new to this and just started the other day. a friend on facebook does AI art and it made me wanna check it out. i googled about sites and came across this one. its defiantly became my favorite.

🪙💰💸 10

Hi! I love these Marc Simonetti pieces, very Guild Wars 🙂

Hiya! I found Nightcafe because I stumbled on Midjourney about a month or so ago and blew through my free images. I was actually shocked to see that Nightcafe gives away so many free tokens (which doesn't really matter because I go through them in minutes) but it's really helped me stay interested and I feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of this thing.

My favourite creation (sentimentally at least) was the first tower I actually managed to get off the ground. After many, many attempts, I finally got one the other day and I have been obsessed with improving and changing it since.

"Elysium floating above a ruined world." - /creation/OZSzGnqMEktdvIQEfKXz

Hey everyone I am nobody important as seen in my name. I stumbled across this platform more than a month ago I'm not exactly sure how long but it only feels like a second. You have been a great inspiration for me and I'm glad to be sharing an amazing place with this community! I hope whoever reads this has a great day!! Lots of love ♡♡♡ :)

🪙💰💸 10

Just a quick hello and enjoy your Art. Learning more and more about the AI Art. Lots of fun 😎 "Botticelli Allegory" - made with @NightCafeStudio

#aiart #nightcafe #digitalart

🪙💰💸 10

Hi I'm Serene. I'm enjoying this so much and totally addicted. Thank God they let you buy next months credits early. Lol. Ive been doing it every other day and have spent a small fortune already! I enjoy making the artistic videos and trying to trick A.I into telling me some of life's secrets. Lol My boyfriend actually found this site and referred me. Brads pit@checkingtheoil. Thank you;) out of all the ai art sites I've tried now I love this one the best!

🪙💰💸 10

Hello from Susanna! I found my way here in Jan ‘22 after seeing an artist I admire mention it on Dreamscope & was instantly obsessed. One of my favorite things to do was input prompts that asked spiritual or existential questions to see how AI would interpret such abstract & subjective concepts. Even “failures” are successes here, as they help us learn with each new creation. Thank you so much for your effort with these artist experiments! They’ve become very helpful in seeing aesthetic of artists I hadn’t known before!

I really like this app because I can see all kinds of different art, and create my own! I am very happy to be here. My favorite creation of mine is Train in London. Originally supposed to be the mayor of Steampunk City I was that creating, it turned out like a train instead. The colors are very nice, and it has a warm mood to it.

🪙💰💸 10

I am awed by the result when focus, concentration and energy are placed on the right obsession. Salute to you tdraw_ai_art @tdraw_ai_art

🪙💰💸 10

Hi ! My name is Alex. My favorite creation (of my own) is my last published :

I like it because I finally start to understand how it works and I really like the endless possibilities. I'm here because I'm always looking for learning from better people than me :) Have a nice day/night !

Replying to: tdraw_ai_art 🖤

Thanks a lot :D

Hi I'm gullyDJ, found NC quite by accident. Had been talking about ai at work and then this popped into my ads on Google😂. Still really new to ai art. Love checking your stuff out and have learnt loads from mostly yourself and a few others. One of my fave creations is

I tried it out once, before the website was so modern, and didn't understand it. Came back months later and made several messes, and then started learning from other users' prompts. I liked how the creations could be based on images, as other sites didn't have that feature. Now I'm obsessed with experimenting. Thanks for helping people learn how it works. My current favorite from my own creations is:

Hey tdraw. Thank you for your inspiration great prompt artistry an generosity!

You've inspired this, so thank you:

I hope and pray this isn't your swan song, since I am not seeing your extensive gallery. Dream big!