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Lovely Lake Landscape
Lovely Lake Landscape
4 months ago

Lovely Lake Landscape

Created 6 months ago · 165 comments· 0 likes·🪙💰 6



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4 monthsReply

Oh, Rosie! It's incredible!

Soooo love this masterpiece!

Love this, Superior details. Following the beauty of your works.

Such a beautiful lake design. I love how there is a reflection. Nicely done. Congratulations🎉 Thank you so much for playing😺

All of your lake designs were amazing. Each were so different with the colors and details. Thank you so much for playing my Challenge😺

Thank you for taking part in my challenge and for your beautiful creation 😀 I hope you will be able to join me in my other challenges. Thank you 😍

Marvelous image!!

I love it so much!! breathtaking! 💚😍

Thanks everyone for participating in the Tranquility Challenge. Sadly I have to say that there were players who didn't play fair, and weren't able to vote within 24 hours on top of that. On purpose, as always. The majority of you did very well, even those of you who really couldn't vote / rank, the ones I mean will know, or not, I don't mind. I just want this to be said! I am NOT supporting this behaviour in any way! Congratulations to all fair players and winners!

Absolutely gorgeous, congratulations on first place! And you did this with a Lora! Almost all the images with Loras I see look slightly blurry, but this has nice crisp detail!

This was my favourite! So peaceful, it has an amazing feel to it!

How very peaceful, Rosie. Congratulations on the win 🏆

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Thanks for playing! Your submission was amazing!

Beautiful work Rosie…I thought at first it was a photo..

So fun! Thanks for playing!

Congratulations 🤩

It’s a wonderful picture ! Congrats

Stunning, gz Rosie, well deserved 😊🌹🌹

Very peaceful Rosie. Congratulations ! Great work

Thanks for submitting this amazing creation to challenge “beautiful lakes” in “sharing creations”! Your creation is beautiful 😍. Hope you you join future challenges of “sharing creations” 🎉 🥳!!

Thank you so very much joining this game and sharing this beautiful artwork that deserves so much more likes and sweet comments!! 🎀🥰💓 I hope you continue to make awesome creations and wishing you a great day!! 💖💗🥰💞

this image is perfect in so many ways ;(

Great image, well done

Thank you for participating in the Landscapes/Cityscapes challenge! Beautiful creations!

Thank You for playing. Great Creations by all as always. Congratulations for the Top 3. New challenges are out so join them as well. Have a great day✌️

Beautiful vista! Congratulations!

Good job ! Love the details in the reflection !

Beautiful creation👍😀👍

Gorgeeous, so peaceful!

Thank you so much for participating in the Global Chat’s ⛰️🏔️Landscapes Unlimited 🏔️⛰️ challenge. Please stay tuned for our next challenge “Funniest Fails” starting soon

Here is a link to the previous challenge

Beautiful - congratulations 😍

Very beautiful, Rosie... Congrats !

Love this so beautiful

Very beautiful scene Rosie

Very beautiful ! Follow

Oh wow-breathtakingly beautiful. Wow. 🌸🌸🌸

Probably the best creation I have ever seen . 💖

Beautiful image

Beautiful nature scene. Also love the reflections in the water, with the Heron.

Joooooli !! Bravo à toi pour ce beau paysage

What a pretty landscape! I love all the details, it's perfect! Nice!

Such a beautiful, peaceful scene.

This is so beautiful, magnificent piece.

Beautiful bird reflection on water i like it and also the natural tones👍😻💗

Beautiful Artwork, Still life

Breathtakingly beautiful 🤩

Superbe ! A couper le souffle.

Absolutely Stunning!!!❣️❣️❣️

Lovely realism. So tired of cartoon outcomes. I throw away so many images these days.

This is so gorgeous!

Oh this is so gorgeous! All the color and detail is stunning

Leaves me breathless.. superstunning Rosie..⚡🌹⚡🌹⚡

So serene! I want to go there!!

Super joli 👍🏼😻

Lovely indeed!! 😍

Loving that private lora you used ❤️

If I were a frog, I'd sh__t my pants right now.

Amazing ! Congratulations


Simply wonderful! An outstanding creation!

Perfection. 💚

Beautiful, there’s a real sense of stillness in this work.

WOW! What an impressive art style and a nice composition in motifs and colors. How did you (resp. AI) do it?

Beautifull and peacefull view. i feel cool now ^^

This is absolutely superb!

Absolutely beautiful. Looks like Louisiana.

nice idea, topic, processing and the result is to like

So beautiful and serene.

Wonderful wildlife...SMILE!!!

beyond wonderful!

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