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Community Collaboration Post 2.0 (2/2)
Community Collaboration Post 2.0 (2/2)
3 months ago

Community Collaboration Post 2.0 (2/2)

Created 3 months ago · 7 comments

ArtisticExtra longMedium Res

This was the second project I've done of this nature where I take people's comments on a post I made and use them as prompts to combine. I will post the Base post link for this in the comments.

This version was unlimited to the amount of words someone could submit, a bit more unbalanced between eachother. This places a bit of variation between the two pieces!

Thank you to[ Tia @Tia2fox, Blue Forest @BlueForest, Reaperlxrd @Reaperlxrd, Mr_Sherman @Mr_Sherman, aaawws @aws, RockinghamArtStudio @Rockingham, basicBasic @basicBasic, MasterVitris @feathereddinosaur, Kevin @Nivek, the ai guy @iambored, and Earthquake @Earthquake ]for participating!

And a Special thank you to the Creators of Nightcafe Studio for tipping my base post!!

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Progress Images

Creation Settings

Text Prompts

"beautiful colors by Yoshitaka Amano, by Josephine Wall, by Amanda Sage, by Pablo Amaringo, Trending on Artstation"

Weight: 1

"Angel Tree Unreal Engine, 8k resolution, beautiful"

Weight: 1

"Devilish looking person, dark terrifying god, bloody apparition, By Jordan Persegati, Pär Olofsson, Ally Burke, Chet Zar, Danny Ingrassia, Jorge Dos Diablos, Greg Rutkowski"

Weight: 1

"Beautiful and Stunning but strange hyperrealistic drawing of a fantasy futuristic ancient formal garden, matte painting academic art 8k resolution concept art, amazing, incredible depth hyperrealism geometric abstract art matte painting"

Weight: 1

"giant gilded egg, intricate, detailed, ornate"

Weight: 1

"Brewing Vodka, grown by Russian Peasants listening to Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite watching the radioactive glow of Chernobyl while Tolstoy spins in his grave"

Weight: 1

"The difficulties of quantum field theory are theory of quantum stumps and stones - the quantum spit is constantly notched about them, if the quantum vegetation is too high."

Weight: 1

"It's good that there is a string theory - in the evenings you can jangle, although is not enough the theory of a subspace accordion and should be fluctuated some vodka - maybe that will let go multiverse melancholy..."

Weight: 1

"Ghost town with light mist covering everything in powerful color and detail"

Weight: 1


Weight: 0.4

"An artificial intelligence with an avatar that resembles a neuron tree made of light, Bob Eggleton"

Weight: 1

"photorealistic, detailed digital painting"

Weight: 1

Initial Resolution







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Anonymous User

Here's the base post link for more of an idea on what I was doing.


3 months agoReply

Wowsers! Thanks for letting me be part of this…

And thank you for participating! Without anyone participating, this couldn't have happened. I know it's not exactly coherent but the results are really wild and I love it!


really interesting how very different prompts can still make something near to the prompts, good job ❤️

I mean they are similar for the prompts, this one allowed unlimited prompts while the other only allowed 12 per person

Would you mind if I Evolved this one?

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