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The Bee Project : with a mix of Phobia
The Bee Project : with a mix of Phobia
a month ago

The Bee Project : with a mix of Phobia

Created a month ago · 29 comments· 0 likes



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Interesting and loving it

a monthReply

Hey Darla, TY again, it was a fun idea to play with , some real, some, well... lol


Very nice!

TY Crystal, and thanks for making time to look

Replying to: The Crystal Wizard of Truth I will look more, as soon as I...

TY, I appreciate that, keep making great art :)

Replying to: The Crystal Wizard of Truth Thank you, all my collections...

Awesome way to go, as a singer song writer, i understand the power of words,,, shameless plug, link to some of my tunes under my profile lol,,,

that's the whole idea behind my Lyric Project, capturing scenes in songs ,,

glad you have a creative outlet to bring those characters to life,

keep doing what you do

Replying to: The Crystal Wizard of Truth Amazing! You too, keep making... this is where the shameless plug feels guilty lol , TY

Replying to: Sanity_Inn TY Crystal, and thanks for...

I will look more, as soon as I have a chance, thank you for being so kind.

Replying to: Sanity_Inn TY, I appreciate that, keep...

Thank you, all my collections are based on my novels, and teh character's in them.

Replying to: Sanity_Inn Awesome way to go, as a singe...

Amazing! You too, keep making amazing lyrics! I would love to hear your song's. I will take a look also.

Why am I thinking Georgia O'Keefe on acid here? (Maybe you shouldn't answer that)

lol, just anti Unicorns i guess, :)

Replying to: Sanity_Inn lol, just anti Unicorns i gue...

Do you know what was often said about Georgia's giant flower images? This is kind of like a horrific alien version of that. Of course, once you see it, as they say, you can't unsee it.

I've learned that the images i like do more poorly than the ones I don't, not all the time but most,,, so I always add in more from a series because the viewer may see it and like it ,,

Replying to: Sanity_Inn I've learned that the images...

I get it. Pretty much the same here. I'm able to make images that are fairly guaranteed to win credits when I need them. Not in the huge challenges because they're something of a crap shoot. But those images are never the ones I care much about. When I do put something out there just because I worked so hard on it and it finally came out just right, the response is often not that great.

the way i see it, one can hit the create button, like a photographer, and chose the few in a thousand that make the cover, OR one can go crazy spending crack credits, because for some darn reason they need to image to look like the one in their head, that NO ONE WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE unless you tell them

sometimes,, you have to go with the flow and abandon the idea for maybe what could be another one

example, you have a bass line in mind for a song, but can't nail it, then someone says, listen to this, and it works, let it happen,

Replying to: jeanne good comeback!

I feel like I'm taking up too much of your time now, as mentioned, same name on FB if you care to hook up, i enjoy our chats

Replying to: Sanity_Inn I feel like I'm taking up too...

I'm rarely on FB these days. It swallows me whole when I am, feeling like I have to reply to everyone. Instagram? Not so crowded there. la_bouche-nu

correction: la_bouche_nu

Replying to: Sanity_Inn I feel like I'm taking up too...

correction: la_bouche_nu

i don't have insta, or x/twitter, cause i'm not tethered to a cell phone :) and yes, i don't answer all my messages, jsut the ones i want to :)

Replying to: Sanity_Inn i don't have insta, or x/twitt...

Lol. My cell's ringer is off a lot of the time. But I have to check it for important things like family texts, work, and my volunteer activities. If you have FB, then you have Messenger. Less clutter, and no "forward this to everyone you know if you care about me and love Jesus and want to help the planet" stuff. So, okay. FB it is, but chat via Messenger? Jeanne Marie French

and of course I'm Sanity Inn on there, i will check for you , let me know if you got the friend request, if so for your privacy , pls feel free to delete this comment afterwards

weird, i can't find the friend request button, doh

i sent a messenger thingy on FB , unsure if you saw it ,,

Replying to: Sanity_Inn i sent a messenger thingy on F...

Haven't been on except to say a couple of happy birthdays, but will do so. Guess what I'm listening to while I'm on NC?

Okay , and TY for making time,, :)

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