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"Residential Tower”
"Residential Tower”
2 years ago

"Residential Tower”

Created 2 years ago · 54 comments· 0 likes·🪙 3


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very beautiful love the colors thanks for liking my work

2 yearsReply

And thanks for being open, too! I can use some help at the moment and I appreciate that you’re further along than I am so checking your prompts is super helpful to me! You’re stuff is amazing!


Glad it's helpful!

Thank you for following, this work is insane btw


I’ll take the 3rd floor, balcony please!

This is insane and all around stunning

you love to see modern and nature together so well

i just starrted and if anyone could follow me i could get credits to make art


Hey Hamdried have not seen you in a long time check out my creations please let me know if im doing good

Some of my magic Lady's would move there, if there is a room free to rent 😉

Reminds me of Maktha Ruins in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, super awesome!

I love the way this just soars into vertical space.

Hi thanks for following me

this stuff is horrible lols

This turned out beautiful!!

Clean post-apo, really beautiful.

Very greeny and cool

I'm following and I like this piece so I evolved it, open it's to your liking.

Stunning! Love the colors and contrast!

Gorgeous scene

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""Residential Tower” Magical, Intricate, forested, Digital, Scenic, Hyperdetailed, impossible physics, Luis Royo, Rutkowski, Greg Olsen, Bagshaw, Chevrier, Ferri, Kaluta, Cinematic, WLOP, HDR, mossy grounds, lush with flora and fauna."




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