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Mysterium Tremendum
Mysterium Tremendum
a year ago

Mysterium Tremendum

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Made for the daily challenge "Stained Glass", went with another entry though. :)

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Best piece ive seen in a while, cant wait for more

a yearReply

That's very sweet, thank you!

This is truly marvelous

Thank you Sominus!

Wow!! Maybe better than the winner in my opinion?!?

Oh I don't think so, but that's very sweet!

Modesty is rare in such gifted artistic visionaries as yourself Gazelli! and I Like it!! 😉


Aww why did that comment make me so happy 🥰🥰

Damn your creativity often makes me jelly like why dint i thought of that Amazing work as always ^^

Aww that is very sweet! I am also often inspired by other people on NC (like Lapinator or Nikid for example) :)

😍 the aestethic, the title, everithing about this one is amazing!!

Thank you so much SSJ Owl! Actually some of your and Lapinator's artwork inspired me to make this ♥️♥️

Gorgeous ♥️

Thank you Yen!

Thank you Gabriela!

Thank you Anomaly!

Thank you ❤️❤️


OMG this is fantastic! WOW. So gorgeous!

Thank you so much Angie! Really appreciate it ❤️❤️

Thank you very much!


Wow, VERY impressing! I follow you in hope to see more of this kind!

Thank you bnetz! Hope I can deliver ❤️❤️

Amazing work! If you have time, could you please see my recent works?

Thank you Yaroslav!

Thank you Ace!

Thank you Mary!


Thank you Ichabod! ❤️

Replying to: Gazelli Thank you Ichabod! ❤️

This is amazing and breathtaking !

Thank you Morten!

Aww you're very kind my dear, thank you!

Beautiful like always, Gazelli😍

Thank you very much Magda! Means a lot! ❤️❤️❤️

Wonderful woow

Thank you Anol!

Such stunning detail! I could look at it all day, this would've surely won

Aww that's very sweet but I don't think it fit the theme perfectly tbh 😅

Pfiuu... That's... it's... leaving me speechless obviously

Yes! Finally did it 😁❤️

Stunning Art, incredibly beautiful ❤️💕❤️

Thank you so much Astraea!

Wooooow 😳 this is awesome

Thank you so much Jdavees! Really happy you like it my friend ❤️

Watch my latest art in my page! Cool pic!!

Thank you!

This is soo beautiful!!

Thank you! ❤️❤️

Stained glass competition was fun.

It was! ❤️

Thank you Maxx!

Beautiful 😍

You are! ❤️❤️❤️

Dayum.. I lost track of how many people stacked in comparison to the size of that building.

Very.. ✨ Intricate ✨

Thank you Banned!

Thank you Real!


Stunningly beautiful.

Thank you very much Raelven!

Thank you Skybreaker!

This reminds me of that peter pan show's tree city

Thank you 🥰❤️


Thank you Sam!

Thank you very much! ❤️

Thank you! ❤️


Thank you! ❤️

I've been working on flower + church concepts for a dnd character I am making - This one blew me away!

Aww thank you! Hope it can help you come up with what you are envisioning :)

I loved the word tremendum, the opus deserves this

A little religious philosophy for you guys ;)


this is straight out of a fantasy book!

Thank you Julian!

Thank you very much! :)

The details add so much to the grandeur, it's really breathtaking

Aww thank you Angel! I appreciate it :)

Thank you Tini!

OMG!!! incredible! congratulations! <3

Thank you very much! So kind :)

Dang I have been looking at your stuff and it’s all so good! How do you do it? Could you give me a tip on some of the settings?

Oh where do I start! First you need willingness to experiment and try out new stuff. I also use the evolve function quite a bit to get the best possible image (however, I have kind of stopped doing it so much because I wasted a lot of credits like that lol). Moreover, there are creators (like the wonderful Lapinator) on here with artist studies:

That can be quite helpful when you're still new to this and want a particular style but are not sure how to get it. Lastly, look at people's prompts and try to understand how they are written. I recommend not just copying somebody's but instead try to understand the logic and then write your own, like that you can develop/discover your own style. Hopefully that helps you!

Thanks a ton man I really appreciate you taking the time to write that. I’ll definitely make good use of what you told me! Love your artwork!

wonderful piece

Thank you again!

Thank you! :D

Oh, that is just beautiful. Like a cathedral of nature.

Thank you so much!

thank you Ayden!

Oh, my heart..

Thank you :)

Breathtaking beautiful!

Thank you Lyssa!

Thank you! An oldie at this point :D

Thank you again!

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Mysterium Tremendum

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